Earthjuice Ph Up-Down

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  1. i got some..i was wondering if its ok to use, is it organic

  2. Is the pH of your soil out of whack?
  3. no..its good
    What's in your soil mix?
    6 Gal Pro-Mix HP
    7 Gal Coco
    1 Gal Peatmoss
    3.5 Gal Earth Wormcastings
    2 Lit Mushroom Compost
    1 Gal Cow Manure
    1 Gal Shrimp Compost
    1 Gal Organic Herb & Vegtable Soil
    10 Gal Perlite
    2 Gal Vermiculite
    Organic Dry Fertilizer's
    30 Tbs SuperGrowMix (WelcomeHarvestFarm)
    30 Tbs MarineCuisin (FoxFarm)
    30 Tbs Kelp Meal
    25 Tbs Alfalfa Meal
    50 Ts Neem Cake
    20 Tbs Bat Guana (Mexican)
    20 Tbs Fishbone meal
    15 Tbs Bone Meal
    15 Ts Blood Meal
    5 Tbs Urea
    16 cups Rock Dust
    20 Tbs greensand
    20 Tbs Rock Phosphate
    15 Tbs Mycorhize
    30 Ts Cyclorganic
    10 Tbs Diatom Earth
    20 Ts RareEarth
    5 Tbs Dolomite Lime
    12 Tbs Epsom Salt
    30 Tbs Coffee Grinds
    20 Tbs Hen Manure
    1.5 Cup Gypsum
    10 Tbs Crushed Egg Shells
  6. In my humble opinion, you won't even need to use any pH adjusting product with the already pH stable soil mix you are using. Unless your water supply is highly alkaline, let your soil mix do the work. Manually adjusting the pH of your water supply, and especially in an organic gardening paradigm can work adversely in the grand scheme of things.
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  7. thanks chunk

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