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  1. did a clone transplant three weeks ago... they were slow to start new growth... this is an experimental grow- trying scrog for the first time, totally organic. Anyway- had a heavy rain two weeks ago- and the night crawlers were all over the yard. I got a bucket and collected near 50 big fat earth worms. I dumped those creepy crawlers right into my planters. its been almost two weeks and my plants are growing at a rate that I have never seen before. I dont know if its just coincidence, but they seem to be doing awesome ever since I introduced the worms. Just thought I would share. :hello:
  2. i was actually thinking about doing that. its been raining here a lot due to fay so i might go out and see if i can find some.

    how many did you put in each planter?
  3. worrks best with old soil which has old leaves and dead roots in, actually gives the worms summin to eat
  4. i put quite a few in each planter- i would say atleast 15 for my five 5 gal planters. do it up!
  5. So you say you are using pure organics, what type of nutrients are you using?

    Be very careful not to over water, you will drown the worms quite easily. Also the worms will need a food source which is often hard to supply without throwing your PH off, coffee grounds and old tea bags are a few worm favorites that can be added into the top layer of soil.

    Live earth worms in your soil are very beneficial but keeping them alive can be a challenge, good luck with your grow.

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