earth worm in pots soil

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  1. Would it help? I feel that having an earth worm in my babies pot would help airate it. what say you?
  2. I know worms are good in regular gardens so I say why not?
  3. True, they help in any soil, but from a non weed perspective on outside landscape growing, never add earthworms, they will come to you when the soil is healthy.
  4. anyone with a definite answer?
  5. It's fine to add a few earthworms to your soil, they will in fact aerate it. No more than 2-3 per gallon of soil. And if they die, hey that's just more organic fertilizer.
  6. I was reading that the poop of the earthworm is so benificial to the plant beside aerating the plant and if they are hurting your plant you can all ways pull them out and go fishing haha
  7. Worm castings are a great mild fertilizer and soil amendment, but you won't get enough to matter from a few worms in your pot. You can buy worm castings by the bag at garden stores and online.
  8. Yep worms are good!!!!!!! When i start mine out in there little cups I have my bigger bucket. One for transplanting to in like a month or two. I put like 6 worms to a dozzin in there :cool: worm poo and air cant beat the natural way :D

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