Earth was meant for humans bro

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  1. I absolutely swear earth was meant to be interacted with by humans. I’m kind of high and I just have this one example but think of it, seriously. Weed is a plant on earth, but to really benefit from the plant you have to use something man made! Fire! So what the heck why are there things on earth that can’t even be used to their absolute potential without the assistance of something starting the fire to light the plant. Idk. Thoughts. Lmao.
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  2. Damn bro......pass that shit this way...

    Raw weed I think has some health you don't HAVE to "light" it...........but it's much better if you do.:RoorRip:
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  3. You aint high enough.
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  4. earth is just an interactive planet and it’s the only one of its kind that we know of right now.
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    Is one of the mods gunna move this too high ideas or do I just need to smoke more to comprehend it?
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  6. Instead of "High Ideas" shouldn't this forum be "Highdeas" ?
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  7. I think most plants that get us high or other effects were developed as a way to keep insects, and animals from eating or messing with it. Like how thorn bushes have thorns to keep things off. A natural deterrent.
  8. Fires not man made...
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  9. Man can make fire.. but it is far from man made.. lol
  10. “Saiz Government”.... lol
  11. I would like to think that humans were made for earth not the other way around, I believe humans r like the middle man in a drug deal, not the main source but needed to get A to B, yes earth is interactive but in the same way our appliances are

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  12. That's because we evolved on this world. Other species out there and I'm sure there is life on other planets... They evolved on their world to be best suited to live on there.
  13. Evolution is a helluva drug.

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