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  1. Long time grower, first time poster!

    Well anyway, I've been looking all over online and I haven't found anyone who is using earth juice in a hydro type setup. I've used it in my soil plants for awhile now and I always have good results. However before I got head on into building a new hydro system I'd like to see how it holds up. I definitely want to stay organic and earth juice always gives that awesome organic flavor.

    Any help?
  2. well at least I know that its been done lol
    But that post really left a lot to be desired, it stopped after the first few days of veg.

    Anyone taken EJ all the way through?
  3. I'm going to be finding out this afternoon, I'm about into my 9th week and I put 2 tsp of the earth juice catalyst in my bucket, which contains 2 tsp dyna gro bloom, 2 tsp dyna gro grow and 2 tsp of the liquid karma. And 3-1/2 gallons of water.Before I set my plant off in the mix, does anyone know of any reason I shouldn't?
  4. My plant didn't like this, at first it dropped the ph to 5.8 but the next day it was up to 6.7, which is strange because it was 6.4 before I added the ejuice.

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