Earth Juice Grow is sludgy

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by futhamucka, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. I just got a bottle of EJ Grow and it's sludgy, the bloom and catalyst don't seem like that, they are more liquid. Do I have a bad batch or something?
  2. The grow is a little thicker and stinkier than bloom or catalyst. Are you using in a hydro system?

    Make sure you really shake the shit out of it, as it is hard to get the bottom layer mixed....
  3. Do you think you could use EJ for a Hydropnic system with ebb and flow coco setup?
  4. You apparently can but if the Grow is really as sludgy as mine is then I wouldn't suggest it. It's been a while since I did hydro but I found Pure Blend Pro to be quite good. I also just got the complete set of Blue Mountain Organics. The label has hydro dosages and the liquids are nice and clear and, well, liquid :)

    If you're not into 100% organics then Flora Nova is recommended by many people I know.

    Post if you use the BMO products in hydro I'd love to see how they do.
  5. You can use in hydro systems but you will have to clean your screens a litte more often. I t also helps if you mix it in some water before adding to the reservoir. The catalyst is essential if using in a hydro system.
  6. You are talking about Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Grow?
  7. No. "Earth Juice" is a high quality line of organic fertilizers that can be used in hydro systems. Use the catalyst in conjunction with either the grow or bloom. Made In Chico CA.

    Earth Juice - Premium Organic Fertilizers
  8. Your bottle is fine. I use and love it. Hydro in ebb and flow would probably be fine, but I would not use it in a misting type unit without a real good filter.

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