Earth In The Next 1000s Of Years

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         Where do you think will happen to Earth in the next thousands or tens of thousands of years? What kind of significant breakthroughs do you imagine will happen? Think about where and how you live right now. from 1900 to 2013 look at what humans have accomplished. You can send a message to someone 13,000 miles away using a tiny device that fits in your pocket while you take a shit. You have the world's knowledge at your fingertips in less than one second with a computer. We've sent a dude into a vast, never ending, black, star filled void and let him walk on a massive, perfectly circular-shaped planet that isn't ours. That itself is a miracle. A team of simple humans using their brains put so much knowledge and man power into constructing something that can carry themselves past what we are supposed to go.
         In the year 5562, how do you think the Earth will look? Maybe it will be destroyed and humans have slowly found a way to adapt to living in outer space, although not comfortably. Maybe "aliens" will have finally visited, or we maybe we visited them? It's only stupid to think that out of quadrillions and quadrillions of unmeasurable infinite space that we are the only life form. You were born onto the Earth and many take that for granted. Will our great great great (greatx1,000) grand children be spoiled little pricks playing with their Apple iphone 32s on a different planet complaining about how they only got 1,650 bucks for Christmas? Or do you imagine humanity will wipe itself out by then? The only reason I'm saying this is that it's hard to imagine life in a different time. Most of us take our time period for granted. All in all, it's decent here (for most.) If you were born thousands of years into the future (which eventually WILL happen to humans) can you imagine what life would be like?
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  2. Dolphins will get tired of our shit and they will fight back and take us over and rule the world with us as their sexy toys
    Good thing I'll die before that happens though.
  3. I have literally been thinking this everyday for the last 3 months.
    My theory:
    We will kill eachother, the second another world war breaks out, everyone will be using nuclear weapons.
    BUT, to the Earth, other species will start to evolve.
    We evolved from apes, who evolved from other creatures (forgot, cba to look up).
    What if lizards evolve the same way apes did, into eventually making lizard people, as some would call us ape people:
  4. Hopefully we can mature enough to call ourselves civil.
  5. I wish that was a possibility, but the human race is so stubborn and refuses to get along with anyone who doesn't accept their ideas as their own. 

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