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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by GhanjaFog, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Was recently hanging out with my best friend when he suggested we chill at his friends house, we got there and she started telling me about earth and grow after we talked a bit about plants and bud. Apparently it grounds your plants effectively and its supposed to provide a boost in the growth and resilience of your plants.
    I've researched grounding plants before and heard about home made wire assemblies to ground plants but this is the first commercially available one I found. Supposedly her father grows his medical buds using that, unsure what else, and his yields are massive. I only have her word to go on as I've never seen his crop, but I'm always looking for ways to improve my grow.
    So blades, is it bullshit or a good investment?
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    hoaky bullcrap.

    Water, dirt, and light go a long way. Tuning into the needs of specific plants and strains also goes a long way. Dont need a lot of gimmiks to make great crops of any plant, ganja included.

    Not saying your friend's uncle's cousins roommate's brother in law doesnt grow great plants, but he is probably doing a lot of otherstuff right. I would never endorse this snakeoil.
    That was my first reaction as well, just wanted to see if it was complete bollocks or not, the girl i was talking to thinks she knows what she was talking about but really, if your yields are huge, its something completely different lol. I would say if hes getting large flowers hes got huge lights, huge pots, and a strain thats got great genetics, coupled with whatever hes feeding them (be it organic or chemical, I have no idea). People amaze me with their wierd ideas that they somehow turn into profit.
    Any other supposed perfect garden accessories that are total BS?
  4. There is already a 6 page discussion on this topic.

    Hell its still on the first page of posts in this section, you don't even need to search.

    As per effectiveness, some folks just need techincal placebos to feel productive.
  5. In the immortal words of George Carlin....

    "This is America. take two pieces of junk, nail em together, & some schmuck will buy it."

    Yeah lots of bullshit sold based upon fear, & ignorance.
  6. I read so much on what will increase my yeild over the last few years, the problem is
    weed is worth a lot of money so growers will spend loads on there plants.
    The thing is 95% of the time it a wast of money but they buy it because there mate at the shop says it works :(
    They have tryed it with me, first time I listen to all there info on the latest hoods/boosters/nutes for 40mins
    say there give me a cracking deal and I said, you make it sound realy good but I need a basic setup to pull loads of top qualty
    bud and they said got to give it a go
    been using the same shop for years and they never give me any more crap instead they ask me questions lol
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