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ears ringing..?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PickleHead, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Well im sure we all have heard a ringing in our ears before. usually it happens to me when im by myself. for me itll start ringing and ring for 5-10 seconds before fading out. this isnt like the constant ring you can hear sometimes when its really quiet. this is a ring when it obviously starts and then rings for a while.

    Well i was with a friend and it happened to me. but just to see what he would say, about 3 seconds into my ears ringing i interupt my friend and say "are your ears ringing?" of course he goes YEA!!?? wtf!? mine are too! our ears rang and then stopped ringing at the exact same time. anyone have an explanation? it could be signals or frequencies in the air or whatever resonating in our heads but idk what do you guys think? do your ears ring?
  2. Were you driving down a hill or something?
  3. sitting in my living room right where im sitting right now. neither of us were moving
  4. Probably just a government wiretap emitting a transmission frequency to home base to catch you and your friend smoking pot.
  5. probably...
  6. Hey man I get this crap too. It only happens when I am stoned. It might happen when I am sober I just don't notice. Mine actually seems like it changes frequences. Like it will go from a low buzz to a high pitched ring its weird. I think it's from all the loud music and killer bass i have been around my entire life.
  7. Your ear frequencies are changing..dont worry, smoke more.
  8. It's a sign of hearing damage. Not like, "Oh shit I'm going to be deaf in 5 years" damage, but "Yeah I enjoy loud music and going to shows" kind of damage.
  9. then why did me and my friend at the exact same time both get the ringing?

    everyone that reads this the next time it happens to you ask the people around you if their ears rang as well.
  10. My ears ring all the time.

    Ten years of playing drums and three years of being in a band will do that. Especially if you don't use ear protection for the first eight years...
  11. Happens all the time never tried to see if anyone elses were at the same time

    When I was like 7 I thought the ringing was trying to tell me something like a map or shit because when I turned a corner it would go louder like leading me somewhere turn another corner goes quieter go back to previous spot same level returns

    Never figured out if it was leading me anywhere cause it stopped before I found the treasure haha remember I was like 7
  12. ringing in the ears can be caused by exposure to loud noise or nerve damage to the inner ear. sometimes when people hear ringing that starts and stops suddenly, especially if two people hear it, that might be caused by some unusual things if your hearing extends to high frequencies more than usual. example...mine does and sometimes when I go into a jewelry store or other place that uses ultrasonic motion detectors I hear them. sometimes I can hear certain brands of thermostats emit a high frequency sound when they call for heat or cooling. sometimes even the transformer in TV sets (the old CRT types) that ring at ultrasonic frequencies. dogs can hear this stuff too.
  13. Yeah, I get this quite often, nearly constant I think. Too many bands I suppose. You just kinda grow used to it.

    Weird to see people saying its only when they're stoned, as I sometimes think its more intense when im pretty baked.
  14. Too much {[{womp}]}
  15. Its all the marijuana, see it kills brain cells and now its killin yo hearing man
  16. ears ringing ALL DAY ERRREDAY blue and red everyday everyday twin cities minesotta thats where im from
  17. when your like me and have listened to loud music for too many years your ears start to ring, i find for me if i pay attention to my tinnitus it only gets louder, i just live my life and ignore it and its like i dont even have it.

  18. Not sure about anyone else but when I'm baked, especially with sativa, my hearing becomes super sensitive. I can hear things like clocks ticking, refrigerator turning on/off, and even highway noise miles away. I'd love to have the equipment to test my hearing both ways to see scientifically exactly what's going on. I always get stoned when I'm fooling around with my HiFi System. Minute changes in speaker placement etc., are easily heard.
  19. Yeah i have ringing ears every now and then. I find just not concentrating on it works...

    I know thats hard to ask but honestly if you an manage it works

    good luck duder
  20. Shitfuck you guys were high.

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