Earn Thousands of Dollars for Your Man-Glaze

Discussion in 'General' started by Carl Weathers, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I knew clinical trials existed, but I never knew about these recruitment websites that tantalize you with the incentive packages. Like this place who offer applications (under subscription) to enter Phase I clinical trials and other studies, for large amounts of cash and all expenses paid "holidays" to the laboratory.

    For example:

    So you get $6,875 for whackin it into a cup 8 times? This is something... What they don't tell you in the ad is that you'll probably be injected with a drug that has never been put into any other human before. Likely a drug that will have outcomes pertaining to your reproductive system... Becomes a question of how much do you want to be paid to play a chemical version of Russian roulette. Has anyone been tempted or submitted themselves to a clinical drug trial, and become a lab rat?

    Also, what are your thoughts on animal testing? Do you think it's ethical? This is something I find hard to answer, because while I appreciate some studies that come out of animal testing, I do not wholeheartedly agree that it is morally justified... It is this way because we have the power to put them in a cage for the good of our own species.

  2. I've actually thought about it plenty of times. Especially after the show Testees came out, it just seemed like a good way to make extra money. It's probably not the smartest of ideas but I figure what I'm putting into my body isn't to healthy as it is.

    If I thought I'd be single with no family in the future I would probably do it but I have a future to think about, no need in letting a little money blind me of that fact.
  3. no way 7000 bucks......if i got 7000 bucks for everytime i beat it.............:hello:too bad i dont want to see a motherfucking mini me on vacation some day

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