Early Vegetative State Yellowing Issue

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  1. Note: First grow.

    So my plants sprouted about 6 days ago and they have been seemingly strong and healthy. However, a couple of the plants have extremely weak stems to the point where they have fallen over and some of the plants have the onset of a yellow-green color at the bottom leaves.

    My plants have 3 sets of leaves. The first rounded, a jagged set, and a third set that is beginning to protrude from the middle.

    I used "100% organic potting soil" for potting my plants. The bag listed no nutrition information and did not say anything about feeding continuously.

    I believe the temperatures in my grow room were outlandish which could have caused this problem, but the yellowing seems kin to nitrogen deficiency which might mean my soil was lacking in nutrients and maybe its time to throw some low conc. nutes in.

    So, what could be the problem here?
  2. can you get some pics?? leaf yellowing can be many other thing than N deff. weak stems could be from stretching for light. what kind of lighting are you using? how close are they? do you have a fan on them? need more info!!
  3. gonna post pics as soon as my battery charges. I don't know if my camera is good enough to see the yellowing.

    Will bump with pics shortly.
  4. what's your lighting setup?
  5. If you are talking about the cotyledons (the first set of round leaves) yellowing and dying, that is normal and tells you it's about time for a nutrient feeding (start at 1/4 recommended dosage). If it's happening after 6 days, you don't have much if any nutes in your soil.

    Might want to get a small fan blowing on them if you don't already to try and strengthen the stems and hopefully you have some lights on them and not keeping them in your window. ;)
  6. There shouldn't be any problems with a 6 day old plant....based on your description, I'm going to bet you have been overwatering. Soil that is too wet will cause a stem to rot at the soil surface, and will cause leaves to yellow. Cut back on the water, keep the soil moist but not wet.
  7. what kind of soil do you have. does the soil have nutrience in it? if so that may be an issue. over watering could also be an issue. read the abuse chart in my signature. seedling pictures are in the lower section of the post. go check it out
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    Not overwatering. I am well aware of the watering situation. If anything, I'm mildly underwatering. My plant's leaves are pretty perky though so no sign of water stress particularly.

    I AM talking about the first set of rounded leaves. I was considering putting in a very low conc. of nutes tomorrow. You've reassured me. :D

    I am operating with 2 150w HPS, and 8 daylight CFL bulbs on 10 plants right now. I had my HPS about a foot and a quarter off the plants, but my plants were extremely hot so now they sit about 20-24 inches off with CFL bulbs between plants.

    You can see how the lights are arranged and their general distances from the provided picture. I do realize that my lights aren't at the optimum distance, but one of my plants got a small burn going from being too close to one of the CFL triplets with the 150w hangin that foot and a quarter overheard. Therefore, I have resigned to this conformation, which I am fairly proud of.

    I have a fan far above the plants blowing air outside of the closet and a fan at the bottom pointed at the lights (hps above) that is slightly stirring the plants.

    Sorry for not positing more pictures! My camera didn't really get a good picture with the yellow, and its not particularly easy to take good pictures from inside my closet space.

    Thank you ALL for your help. Any more advice/criticisms are welcomed.

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  9. yea dont worry about the first set of round leaves, they die off anyways, as do some of the first set of leaves, just make sure the new growth is nice and green,
  10. I will back up what the previous poster said. Even if you don't have an N deficiency, it's pretty often that the first embryonic leaves and next two sets of non fan leaves can end up yellowing and dying. They just don't produce the way the newer leaves do so the plant transfers nutes to newer growth.
  11. yup nothing to worry about. ive got the same hps that you have so once your plants get a little more established drop that fucker 4in from your tops (as long as you got good airflow) and they will really thank you for it.

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