Early Veg- Questions On Trimming

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  1. This is my third whack at an outdoor grow.
    Three Texada Timewarp. 
    potted in 15 gallon buckets
    sea soil/pro-mix 50/50
    LST style
    So two of the plants are 100% perfect health. My largest one, has a bit of nute burn because i followed a table that used 10L instead of 1 gallon, so it was 3x the concentrate. The burn isnt severe at all, with just the tips of the leaves gone brown on about 1/4 of the leaves. I have been flushing for just over a week now, and all the new growth looks healthy and green!
    My question- On a few of the fan leaves, there are a few well damaged areas. At which point to these leaves loose their efficiency to absorbe sunlight? I would like to know if you should wait until these leaves start to dry out and die on their own before removing them, or should i cut them now to allow light to penetrate the smaller leaves below? 


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  2. i would just trim off the damaged and burnt parts of the leaves and leave the rest intact unless the majority of the leaf is burnt then i would trim completely off.
  3. I personally would just let it go. 
  4. Yeah i think ill let em just do its thing. Instead of playing the part of god, i will let mother nature do its job. The plant has survived millions of years without the assistance of man, im sure it knows what to do. 

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