Early Trichomes

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by samsmoth, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I did my first grow of Thai Tanic last summer and got a beautiful tasty harvest. I regenrated the plant and after it grew back nicely I took a few clones saving two of the best. The mother was ready for flowering again, and I only have one grow space so I flowered the foot high clones along with the mother on 1/20/2009. Mother and babies are doing nicely, but after only four weeks the flowers all have very nice milky trichomes. The last batch took nine weeks to get trichomes like this. I've noticed that on very cold days (I'm on the East coast) my grow room is pretty cool during the dark period, but fine when the lights are on. My questions are: 1) Has anyone ever encountered anything like this. 2) Could it be due to the cool "nights". 3) Should I harverst based on trichomes or time. 4) Is my quality going to be negatively impacted.
    Thanks in advence for any help.

  2. Not sure if that could be caused by the cold, I'd just wait until you get the trichs starting to turn amber, don't wanna risk harvesting too early

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