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  1. Sorry if this is not the right forum, but I have learned of this interesting fact and would like to share. I am on probation for Felony posession of MJ. I have served OVER 2 years of my 4 year plea bargain. I have learned that I am eligible to have my probation terminated. Here are the basic requirements: 1) usually at least 1/2 of the probation has to have been served. 2) you have to have met all requirements of probation, fines paid, community service served, no new convictions or arrests, 3) Probation officer has to agree to support termination (although they might not actually want to file for you) You need a good reason  such as "Cannot get a job in your skill set because of the criminal record" "Cannot get healthcare" ect. If anyone on here is in a similar situation...research this. I am going to discuss this with my lawyer Monday and file. Probation is harsh, it hurts many people. Hopefully this knowledge may help someone else get off probation, get their record expunged and get on with their life.

  2. Say fuck it. Pack your shit up and come join the good life.
  3. Damn a feloniy for posession of mmj? OP What state do you live in ? :huh: 
    EDIT : and I hope you can get your probation tremanated. I know it fucking sucks
  4. I think he is from the good old bibble belt. Ark
  5. I am in Arkansas. Actually I was busted for ...and I hate this F'in charge..."manfacturing a controlled substance...marijuana" As if I set up a big facility, illegally aquired a bunch of chemicals and manfactured a dangerous drug...I planted seeds for christ's sakes. I paid the best lawyer in town and ended up plea bargaining to "posession of a controlled sunstance" I got 4 yrs probation. The lawyer will end up with over 10K after this is all said and done...what a total joke this state is. Anyone familiar with other posts I made will know I am leaving here as soon as I can get probation over with. This new development "Early Termaination of Probation" is awesome and a shot at getting my life back.
  6. You will not be able to expunge a felony conviction or let me say its very hard to do and takes a very long time (years) IF you can convince the judge you won't ever get in trouble again. You have to petition the same court in which convicted you for the expungment. The reasons you state are not reasons for termination of probation. Can't get a job, etc. It will be based on your previous arrest/ conviction record (if any) and how you have handled your current probation. Paid fines, community service, etc. What ever the court laid out as terms of the probation. Courts are very unsympathetic to criminals and that's how they view you.
  7. Hopefully you can get that shit done with ASAP and head on west. Best of luck to you.
  8. hm ive never heard of being able to do that, ive only been on probation in ohio though, that's a pretty awesome deal they have in your state, i live in cali now and ive never heard of it here either. good luck brotha! i wish you the best of luck
  9. Google it. This is not something that is pertinent to my state. This is law plain and simple. GA is right in that one has to petition the court that one was convicted in, and one must have no new violations. From what I have read many factors will influence the judge. Mainly serving over 1/2 of the initial probation, having no new violations, hardship issues (such as unemployed and cannot get a job within my skillset) this goes back to the realization that a judge knows it is better to have me employed and earning a living, paying taxes ect. than having the state pay my way, health issues and cannot afford health insurance, full payment of all fines and restitutions, probation officer does not oppose termination, and of course community service performed. I agree a court views me as a criminal but certianly a degree of common sense plays in here. Is it better for this community to have me unemployed, (unemployable) using up state resources to prove a point or to have me back in the community contributing to the community. Certianly this comes down to the crime committed (growing marijuana for personal use) vrs. the penalty. What is enough punishment. In may case, loss of a 13 yr career, unable to aquire adequite employment, Unemployment insurance running out, perhaps having to sell home to sustain myself... Some judges may not view this as punishment enough, others may show compassion and realize the state is better served allowing me back into the workforce. Regardless...I have an appointment tomorrow with my lawyer and he will give me his professional opinion of whether or not I have a chance to terminate this probation.
  10. Four years....god damn that's harsh. I had line year in Kansas and it was a nightmare. I got random drug tests at least once a week and I got tested for alcohol too. So I couldn't even have a beer in the evening with my dinner.

    I sure hope you can pull off your early release, and then get to a state that sucks. Hell...move north a little bit to KC, MO. You will never get arrested for it here unless you have a big grow. Cops got real shit to worry about here. I got a buddy who has been caught 5 times with weed and every time they just take it from him and send him on his way.
  11. Here in Arkansas they are tough. As soon as legally possible I plan to begin taking steps to move. I talked with my lawyer today and he took the case. He thought I stood a very good chance at terminating the probation. The ball is rolling, I should have a court date in a couple of weeks.
  12. I really hope this works out for you. Time for some good karma that can get you free and on your way. :smoke:
  13. I am sooo ready for some good karma. I have always been a very easy going, happy kind of a guy and this mess has definatly knocked me off balance. This event has shaken me to the core. In the end, good karma or bad I made the critical mistake of deciding to grow outside in a state that has very harsh laws. They say ignorance of the law is not a good excuse, and I agree.... but had I known the consequences were this bad I would have never done grown outdoors. This most recent development is positive, the lawyer sounded confident that at the very least I could get the probation terminated. He was wishy-washy about the expungement although he certianly did'nt rule it out. At the very least if the probation is terminated early...I am FREE to leave!!!!!! and for that i am thankful!
  14. I wish you the best of luck Rob! From what I've read of your posts you seem like a good guy, and I hope everything works out for you in the end.
  15. Thank You blazed. This has been a very tough experience. Oddly enough, what I have learned is not what the state of Arkansas wanted me to learn, but the opposite. Pot should be legal, people should not have their lives ruined because they chose to enjoy the plant. This has woke me up to the fact this country is totally wacked regarding pot and the way we as a country allow peoples lives to be ruined because they enjoyed what was put on this earth for us to enjoy. Once again cudo's to the hard workers who have fought the system, and in some cases...WON!!!! Regardless of what happens to me, I will be a front line soldier in this war.
  16. Today I went to court to terminate my probation. After 20 seconds of the judge reading the case then asking the prosecutor if he had any objections....I WON!!!!!! The actual motion was to dismiss all charges, terminate the probation and expunge my record....MOTION GRANTED!!!!!! TOOOOOO F'IN AWESOME!!!!
    TO everyone who supported my posts, gave me strength and encouragement...THANK YOU!!!!! I will have to wait for a letter from my lawyer for specifics as he had other cases to attend to but today I am so Frickin happy!
    Let this be an example for everyone else in a similar situation...It CAN be done. Yes, it costed another $1,000.00 in legal fees but it was well worth it.  Probation is Terminated!
    California...Here I come!!!!!
  17. Good deal man.  Why California?
  18. Where else would you want to go. Co or wa. No thanks.
  19. Dude stfu, you are becoming nothing more then a troll on here. Whether you live in Cali, WA, CO, shit even in Oregon you can pretty much enjoy the sweet herb w/o too much concern from law enforcement. Don't be mad that legalization will put you out of business sooner or later but instead be supportive of sending less people to jail and spending less money on enforcement that comes with legalization, but of course that might effect your profit margin.

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  20. I chose NCali because of the weather. I looked at Wa, Ore, and Co as well. NCali won because all in all it had the best weather. If I am going to move 1/2 way across the country, I may as well enjoy the best weather possible. All I want to do is get a nice home, a good job, and enjoy my last 12 working years before I retire and grow my own smoke in the process...just like I tried to do here in Arkansas. Wa. wont let me grow legally, Co. will allow 3 mature/3 veggies, but is too cold in the winter. Ore, I can grow but is still cold and job opportunities are only good in Portland. Cali won out because it has awesome weather, and the county I have decided to move to allows me to grow as much as I need. Thanks to some excellent people on this forum that gave good advice and useful information I used to make an informed decision. You guys Rock!!!!

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