Early termination of Diversion

Discussion in 'General' started by east_cost420, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. What's up guys, I'm new to this form but I've just got a couple questions. Any responses from the diversion experience are much appreciated! 
    So I've completed all my requirements of my diversion program including community service, attending a program, and getting an evalutaion (except the last drug test on december 3rd) and was wondering if I applied and was granted early termination, would they give me that last drug test upon being granted termination or would I be completely done? 
    I'm not doing things I shouldn't be doing while on this program but these drug tests are getting expensive and I've gotta pay back my parents for it all. 
    Thanks again!! 

  2. You should ask someone who actually knows, but I believe if its terminated, you dont have to worry about anything.  Speaking as someone who fucked up on diversion, dont do anything to risk it unless you know for sure

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