Early stages of flowering! help a new grower :)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Makaveli77, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone.

    I have my plant thats been going kinda well.
    She got 18/6 light for 9 weeks and now i have switched her to 12/12 flower since 3 July

    This is how she looks right now!

    I have some worries when i go down a bit and give u this photo. i have been wondering what those balls are?


    Im 100% she's female.
    Is that just something normal in flower?
    The light she gets is direct sunlight.
    All help appreciated!
  2. Im sorry to tell you but its a hermie.

    Was this a bagseed?

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  3. Yes flowering

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  4. Those are pollen sacks. It's a hermaphrodite. I believe you can still grow it but it will end up having seeds in the buds.
  5. Its almost impossible. She is a female 100% When showing early flowering sex was all white hairs. and its white hairs on every "top" [​IMG]

    But when i look at this picture its kinda clear its a male too:/ or is thus just how it flower? i dont know its my first plant. and no i got this seed from this kush[​IMG]
  6. What should i do? Let it continue? Or shall i cut all tops with balls off?
    Will it even be smokeable if it finishes this is my one and only plant x)

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  7. Hey man, i got 3 years of growing and pound on pounds produces

    Hermies show signs of female flower first and soon after male.

    The plant the bud came from tried to keep the genetics going so it produced the seed. Unfortunatly its no good.

    But you sir have grown a beautiful plant, if you get authentic female seeds i have no doubt youll grow a beautiful lady.

    Chop it and bag it before they pop and you have to clean the whole room from the pollen.

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  8. It isn't impossible dude - you've got a hermaphrodite plant.

  9. Holy moly
    Thats all i can say atm.
    So this f*** refuses to lose it genetics?

    Please can you explain more detail what i should do? Im very new on this and my first plant is hermie

    Thanks allot for you opinion!
  10. so it sounds like you got this seed from a bag of weed right? Well, usually those bag seeds carry hermie traits...meaning the plant is trying to survive, so it produces a seed. Well, if its a full female plant, its not really gonna do anything as far as helping it "survive" so thats how you end up with a hermie.
    What is going to happen, and soon by the looks of it, is those pods are gonna open up, and when they do it will pollinate your buds, turning them into seed pods. You may get some smokeable bud from it, but honestly, its not worth it. If I were you, I'd chop her down now , like others have said. If one of those pods open up, you have to clean that tent top to bottom, very very deep clean. Cant have any pollen in there when you put a full female plant in because it will just keep pollinating itself.
    I started growing with bagseed, and I would guess just about everyone did that is here as well. I got lucky and had 3 growing that didn't hermie, but it was shit weed anyways. Once I finally bit the bullet and bought legit genetics from a seed bank, man, a world of difference.
    I bought mine from Barney's...right now I'm growing Peyote Cookies and Pineapple chunk. Also bought a jungle kush seedling from a local dispensary and have been cloning that as well. Genetics make all the difference.
    But, like somoene else said, you grew a beautiful plant, so chances are when you get some legit seeds, you will have a nice bounty from them!
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  11. Yup. Ditch the plant. It's garbage. Buy some seeds online and start fresh. Don't have to worry much about the pollen unless you have other plants around. Pollen is only viable for about 5 days in the air. So anything that's airborne will just be dust in a week. Still good to have a clean grow environment though.
    If you do have other plants get that herm out NOW! Or you'll have a bunch of seedy flowers at the end. Ain't nobody got time for that crap.
  12. I appreciate everything you have said foks! But as i said before this is my one and only plant. i dont have anything else going now! This is my first plant ever i have grown! I really cant kill that plant because i have taken very good care of it. if i let her finish it doesnt matter cuz i wont have anymore plants here in this location any more.

    I cut a couple of tops with the most pollen sacks of and threw them away. i actually want seed from this plant because it was really good smoke i got from the first one.

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  13. The quality wont even be close the smoke you had. Its spending resources making seeds not thc man, im sorry no real point in it.

    You are a good grower and you'll do a lot better with a female.

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    :) thanks!

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  14. Odds are most of the seeds you get from that plant will have very similar traits. You're basically talking about breeding if you're wanting seeds. So you'd have to flower out a lot of the seeds cut the hermies and save the true fem plants to backcross against a true male from those seeds to try to stabilize the genetics to get useful viable seeds. It's a long process that could take years.
    But you will get smoke from the hermies. You'll just end up with 100s of seeds that'll be useless unless you are planning on attempting to breed that stable genetic.
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  15. 100% on point.
    Hermies arent worth the time effort and cost. Youre much better off growing a 10 dollar feminzied seed and make clones from a mother plant. That will keep genetics near the same and you can have multiple plants from a single mother.

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