Early Signs of Nutrient Problems?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by xBlue Dream, May 24, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone. My second grow is going quite well so far, but I have a couple of questions about possible early signs of problems based on leaf marks.

    As you can see, "marks" is the only word I can currently think of to describe what I'm seeing. It doesn't appear to be very problematic yet, but It's also been pretty consistent since the moment these girls hit their full Veg. Moreover, it has been steadily getting worse.
    20190524_060231.jpg 20190524_060235.jpg

    Currently, there are three girls in a 4x4 tent, in 5 gallon pots of coco/perlite mixed 60/40, under a 600w MH bulb and on a feed-to-drain schedule of 300-450 PPM daily, til 20% runoff. General Hydroponics trio, plus added CalMag.

    I'm not panicking yet, as my first grow turned out rather well. At the same time, I still didn't see much of this particular issue, that first time around. Only about 5-10% of the green growth seems to be affected...but I expect by this time next weekend that number will be closer to 15%.

    Any ideas?
  2. There's some chance that random markings like that could be bugs.
    Check out top and bottom of leaves with a magnifying glass.
    Just a guess.
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  3. I had a problem last grow, in this very tent, with thrips. They kept returning again and again. I'm only counting down the days until I get them again. I know It's coming.

    That said, I'm pretty good at spotting thrips by now. I'd have noticed immediately, if they were there. These blotches are definitely different. They're much bigger, and They're actually yellow/white (not silver/metallic), and they only appear to be affected the base/edges of the leaves.

    I suppose it could be an entirely different sort of pest. I'll check it out with a loupe. Thanks for the heads up.

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