Early pre flower male or female

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    I’m currently growing a single plant in a 5 gallon dwc setup with cfl lights. This is my first grow. It is 4 weeks old (from first set of true leaves) and is about 7”-8” tall with 8 nodes. It is still in veg. I just noticed what appeared to be early pre flowers on the 7th node. I know it is still early but can anyone tell me what they think.
  2. That's a stipule. Doesn't have anything to do with sex of the plant.
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  3. The stipules are next to what I circled aren’t they? The taller things in the corner of the branches.
  4. Looks like a female but you still need to wait for a couple of more days.
  5. No sign of sex yet
  6. Then what is that? I’m getting impatient! Haha
  7. It could be the start of a calyx or pollen sac. Too early to tell.
  8. Alright thanks
  9. Oh shit my bad. That picture is so zoomed in I didn't see those giant stipules lol
  10. Haha you had me confused for a minute. I was thinking it was growing a 3rd one lol
  11. Definitely Indica lol
  12. Lol yeah... that’s one thing that I noticed pretty quick. It was just a bag seed.
  13. B1556AFC-110F-4D74-A531-422F05A29611.png 4 days later. It’s starting to look male but still has a good point to it. I’m going to start flushing this week and switch it over to flowering by Thursday or Friday. Hopefully I see some pistils in a few weeks.
  14. %90 sure it's female
  15. Now that’s what I like to hear lol. I’m not a very patient person so it’s killing me to wait.
  16. I’m starting to believe you were correct lol. It’s still small and hard to see but I’m seeing several calyx with pistils and I’m not seeing any balls or bananas so hopefully I’m good. A6D1E1E2-1D9D-41D6-BD96-BD80B931A7B1.jpeg 9708B056-E90B-4C11-BEC9-93B9D7DD4F69.jpeg 63B71C4B-0686-4A62-AF3F-02239FED91EA.png
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  17. Definitely female, congrats on the lady
  18. Thanks. My first female from bagseed. Hopefully she doesn’t hermie.
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  19. This is male right?
  20. This one

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