early pickins - a question about harvesting and smoking early

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xplicitcontent, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. ok, this is going to make me sound like a very impatient stoner but I'm completely dry at the moment and there's a nice fat cola nug on my baby that's got crystals and white hairs all over it. What if I were to just snip the top half off, dry it with one of the many quick dry methods, probably toaster, and smoke it, will I get high?

    Also does anyone know what this may do to the rest of the plant since I've read before of people who would cut the cola out first and then harvest the rest later since the cola buds ripen fastest. I just don't want to ruin the baby, but I also really want to smoke tonight and this is the only way. Please anyone tell me if this'll completely ruin the grow or will only slightly hurt it, but good enough so that it'll still be producing buds for weeks to come.
  2. well first off how old is she. if its just the first half of flowering its prob not worth it itl just stress ur plant and not get u high. but many ppl sample their crop to estimate how dome it is but anytime u ut ur plants ur stressing them esp in flower Remember.
  3. if there's trichs on the leafs, clip a few of them and smoke em, let those buds fill out fully, the leafs will do the trick (as long as they are covered in trichs)
  4. No problem taking "test buds" (or desperation buds :p ) when desired. I would not take it off the top cola though. Find a bud or two lower down and take those.

    I've never used a toaster, I prefer a pre-heated oven set to 150f and then turned off. Place the bud in there for ten minutes at a time until the bud is dry enough to smoke and enjoy.

    The taste will suck, but potency will not be affected. ;)
  5. just take a chunk from the bottom of the plant and dry it somehow, it will be hard to dry it fast though.
  6. Yeah if you do the oven make sure not to go over 150 because I did 225 or a little more and it fucked the buds up, it was freshly picked too because the dumb kids i bought it from didn't dry it and it had leaves lol i had to manicure it myself.
  7. I hate having to manicure weed I pay for lol.

    But seriously I dunno about "dumb" kids. You bought wet weed.
  8. Well they were these 9th grade hispanics (i hope that doesn't sound racist) in my gym class last year that could get me an "ounce of homegrown for $60" so I told them that I wanted it just to see if it was good. I thought what the hell maybe it's good, it ended up being really dank and it was so obvious they had no idea what they were doing. It had the big fan leaves lol.. back then I didn't know as much about weed but I would have dried it out somehow. I'm pretty sure it was an outside grow that they stole or got for free because they don't even smoke.
  9. haha hell yeah man get it where u can i dont discriminate.
  10. well luckily i found some bud that night but tonight i'm back to being dry again. Ill take the advice about not snippin the cola bud since it might end up being longer then 7-8 inches once all the buds on the main stalk grow together. However, these seem to be the only buds on the plant with visible crystals while the rest that grew on branch are still without crystals.

    The thing that gets me most is that the hairs have begun to turn color and I've read the best time to harvest is when two thirds of the plant's hairs are orange, so I would presume that it's almost ready (probably another 2-3 weeks). So that said, it might not be such a bad thing to pick a bud from one of the branches right now since it's probably close to as good as it's gonna get. I also figure that if I remove a branch with bud, the plant can redirect it's energy to all the other buds thus making them bigger then what they would've been.

    Well I'm going to be seeing which branch to snip, probably one with the most orange hairs since it's probably more ripe then the others, tell ya's how it is later.
  11. not bad, taste like sh't (as expected) but I got a buzz going already. however, i'm not sure if it's from the lil bits of bud i had before that i packed under it, i'll find out with the next bowl. and by the way, the taste and burn taste eerily reminiscent of some bud i had awhile back that was all moist and everything, so at least it isn't a shockingly bad taste. I just cut a couple branches and really don't care since the others should grow larger due to the more energy being spread out to less bud sites.

    i also must note that after this week (specifically the simpsons movie), i won't be able to smoke for a month so that's pretty much why I'm fiendish at the moment. one thing i'm starting to think about is that since I see the hairs turning color, i have a bad feeling that this'll all be done and ready to smoke before i'm able to smoke again, so in a way I'm hoping to keep it growing at least another 2-3 weeks and then do a proper drying on the rest of the buds and they'll be ready when I can smoke again.

    just took another hit, i swear i'm getting used to this taste now, kinda taste like smoking a seed, leaf or stem, that organic taste like a tree and all. stuff smells like a leaf too, but how can that be if it's get crystals, tons of pistils and all.
  12. taking off branches can shock the plants growth for a few days, effectively neutralizing what you planned to happen.

    i'd say don't cuz off any more. go a few days w/o smoke and try and find a dub or 8th to last you over till when you can get the matured, ripe buds.

    i've got some weed that was wet like that and it was blueberry. i got it from my friend who grew a batch in the forest and had no idea what curing was. after i smoked the sack i talked to him again and he said ya those were some fresh pickins i gave you, i asked how fresh, and he said he picked them a day before he gave me the sack. i then explained to him the concept of curing and sweating buds.
  13. well the longer the better, so as long as it doesn't ripen during my sober trip and I'm forced to harvest, dry and cure while not being able to smoke it for weeks. i wish i could get a dub, but i'm really broke and the only loot i got is for the simpsons movie and halves on a sack, but yea, there aren't any other worthwhile buds to snip now besides the two i took, well there's a couple more but i don't want to keep picking at it and when it's time to harvest, there's only a cola and a bunch of skimp buds left.

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