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Early on pot use and brain damage?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JUMBACO, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Not like intense brain damage.
    But i was told that even though marijuana is not a particularly damaging herb, I read from what i believe is a reliable source.. it said heavy marijuana usage early on (like 18 and under) can lead to lower IQ scores later on (30's) when normally one would gain a few points in the 20's. This article also said that waiting until one is like mid 20's before regularly or smoking often is better for your brain, due to the brain's development.

    Does anyone have insight on this? This article wasn't saying that it kills your brain and really dramatic untrue information, it just said like the loss of several IQ points for those who do vs those who don't.
  2. I think a study just came out of Sweden or something that sort of proved that a measurable intelligence is a myth. I don't know, i'll go look for the study.
  3. It causes down-regulation of dopamine and serotonin for a while which would be considered brain damage but by no means permanent. There's no evidence for weed lowering your IQ, there are studies saying that a while after you quit your IQ is higher than before.
  4. And (for both of those scenarios)...what if you never quit? Ever?

    Although likely hypothetical for most here, this scenario may not be that far-fetched with legalization efforts ongoing. Just curious as to the overall effect if cannabis is never removed from the equation.

    Regardless, I would have to agree that the impact of losing a few IQ points is about as critical in real life as extra long nose hair. :rolleyes:
  5. It's interesting that you say this. I know that when I am smoking nearly every day that I'm not as sharp. But it also comes with a huge loss of stress, stress can lead some people to get more done I think.
    I'm not as much of a good student for example when im high. I get similar grades, but i feel less productive.
  6. Honestly, im not tripping over a few IQ points. I believe that the whole things about measurable intelligence in inaccurate anyways, not quite a myth though.

    Also your sig made me laugh hella
  7. It might lower youre iq if you were stoned while you took the test
  8. I wondered the same thing a while back and tried taking IQ test under the effects of marijuana, alcohol, and completely sober. Taking the test stoned and sober were within a few points ( IQ test have a margin of error around +/- 5 points). Taking the test after alcohol dropped my score around 10 points. Those were just my results though. Try it sometime. As long as your not trying to do something to cheat online IQ test are just as accurate as administered test.
  9. i just feel IQ drops not because marijuana disrupts the brain, but it makes you lazy so you don't want to work your brain hard and therefore your IQ will be harder to raise than those who dont smoke da erb
  10. o thx y dint u tel me soonr cuz i smokd a pot and now im.. dumb
  11. Id rather smoke everyday and lose a few IQ points.....rather than not smoking and gainin a few IQ points. You only live once, live it up.
  12. eh...i tingle my thc receptors to utilize EVERY part of my brain. I think that should be + IQ instead of - IQ

  13. yolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. side note: im over 18 and why do i care about this? i know granny will/has had a field day with this haha.
  15. also the search function is your friend op
  16. doubt anyone actually truely knows what it does to you.

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