Early Nitrogen Deficiency? First time grower.

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    Hi all. I am working on my first grow. I have done a ton of reading and believe I am a little low on nitrogen, but just wanted to see what others thought or if this looks relatively normal.
    Here are the details:
    Sensible Seeds Aghan Kush planted in 5-gallon pot with Espoma Organic Mix with Espoma Bio-Tone Starter added 2tbs/gallon of soil (per package instructions). Seed was planted on 4/8/15 and now on day 25 of growth under two 120W CFLs on a 18/6 photoperiod that are always kept 2-4'' from the highest leaf. Growing in a closet with door ajar and gentle breeze from small fan that is not directed at plants, but causes gentle leaf rustling-this is on for a couple hours a day. Temp is 74 degrees F.
    Yesterday I pruned two small yellow bottom leafs that were a little limp with a bit of yellow on the tips. Today I've noticed a slight yellowing of the tips of two larger bottom leaves. I have not added an fertilizer since this plant was planted and I water when the soil is dry 1-2 inches deep. No bugs are present.
    I added a tablespoon more of the Espoma Starter with a little water to try to add a little nitrogen. I don't have any Dyna-Gro, but that is my next step. I err on the side of under watering and under fertilizing.
    Things I don't know: soil pH.
    Hoping to identify a problem early on if possible, but not sure if this isn't just normal growth. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the annoying rotation of the photos.


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  2. if you were erring that soil would be DESERT DRY
    Humidity? Your plant needs a cuticle so let her dry out
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    Thanks man. That's helpful, but it does appear to have a strong cuticle. Here is a glamour shot from the same day. As for the soil, that was immediately after I added the aforementioned fertilizer. I agree she could stand to dry out though. No idea what the humidity is in there though. Feels reasonable, but then again that's not really very scientific.

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  4. pH of the water, soil, or medium is pretty critical. Add perlite when you repot.  Fill my boots with perlite

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