Early nitrogen deficiency. First grow please help

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  1. So I'm about 2 weeks in on my first plant. I got a n-p-k tester and it says that the n is very deficient. I also looked a lot into the forums and saw that my plant even looks like it has a n deficiency. My test says that the k is perfect but the p is really high. Since it's only two weeks old and is just starting to grow fingered leaves, isn't it too early to add nutes to raise the n? I heard I wasn't supposed to start until 3 or 4 weeks in and only to add 1/4 then. Anyone have any advice on what I should do?
  2. Give it 1/8 dose of nitrogen nutes. What kind of nutes you got?
  3. sensi grow works wonders
  4. Wouldn't I want something that's high in n but does not have k or p?
  5. Nah you can give it a little more P or K. If you do less than a full dose, you should be fine. I'd go with 1/8 to 1/4 strength of nutes. If you're not showing any signs of P or K toxicity than you'll be good
  6. Okay cool, should I aim for nutes with higher n-p-k or lower or does it not matter? And what's a good fox farm one? I just found a store nearby that sells a wholebunch of ffnutes. And when should I move up at adding 1/4 dose?

    Sorry for the millions of questions ha
  7. Do you want to grow organic? Synthetic? Or doesn't matter?
  8. Since it's my first grow I figured I'd do whatever is easiest. I have organic soil though
  9. Organics are cheap and easy to use. Just make sure not to overfeed them. You can get fish emulsion, kelp extract, and maybe a bat guano for less than $20. Maybe $25 depending on where you go. Earth worm castings are great to have too!
  10. oh i was planning on buying nutrients from a hydro store, with the n-p-k right on the bottle. are they considered sythetic? i know they're a little more expensive but they seem like i'd be able to more easily to tell which exact one to use since it'll tell me how much n is in it.

    and here's a picture of my plant, how's she looking? today is the 12th day since sprouting, temperatures have been adjusted to 74.8 and the ph is 6.3. do you think i'm over worrying or am i right with a deficient n.

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  11. Well both synthetic and organic nutes should have the NPK on the bottle/bag. I'd research into the products before buying. I didn't and I wish I did. I bought hundreds of dollars in nutes and I use only a handful of organic ones that cost only $30 or so and last a long time.
  12. Okay cool thanks. I'll have to look around and see what's the best. I'll test the nutrition of the plant again and try to match up whatever needs raised an whatever needs lowered.

    As for my plant, hows she looking so far?
  13. Well don't worry about giving it a little extra P or K. If you give it a low dose of an even NPK, say 10-10-10 or something, you shouldn't have to worry about P or K toxicities. In my experience, its the high number NPK that burn easier. One reason I prefer organics
  14. And your plant looks fine. Keep the Ph in check and you'll be okay. Maybe give it a very low dose of nutes if you start seeing problems
  15. Okay cool thanks for your help brother
  16. No problem. Pm me anytime if you have a question or need anything. Best of luck!!

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