Early Morning Bordem. Weekend Plan

Discussion in 'General' started by chemage, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Well, It is 8:00 in the morning on Saturday. Last night my buddies and I killed a fifth of whiskey and sat around smoking, the usuall.

    Today my buddies and I are going to our other friends house. They use to live very close so we would go to their apartment everyday after work/community college to party. Not to mention we could get as messed up as we wanted and it would be a very small amount of driving to get home.

    Now they live about 20 minutes from us so we don't go there everyday anymore, but we have been going every Saturday for a couple months now. We still kill one or two handles of whiskey by the end of the night, along with taking any other drugs that we happen to have but its the ride home that is killer, 15 minutes on the highway and 5 minutes on suburban roads to get home is one hell of a mission, but we seem to be pulling it off so far *knocks on wood*.
  2. I need your route and time of travel. I wish to avoid your car;)

    see dick drink

    see dick drive

    dont be a dick

    I drink, but i dont drink and drive. imo, thats not to bright. I know, I know, how am i to get home? any way but drive. I dont own a car, so its not an issue.

    gl....a dui can mess up your life, or worse, someone elses.

    dayum i sound like a whiner, but....
  3. Sounds like a plan. just remember, you planned on drinking and driving, so if you get a ticket. Tough Shit!!!

    hope no one dies.
  4. Ha ha, I knew I would get the words of wisdom from all the blades in this city. Very respectable, caring people you all are.

    I'm never the driver if this makes anyone happy. But the driver isn't much less fucked up then myself.

    Work hard, Party harder.

    None the less, I'm only doing this every Saturday now, it use to be everyday :p. I also want to mention my tolerance--which really don't mean anything when it comes to 1-2 handles of whiskey for 4 people, but still, I have built up a tolerance.

    We have yet to be caught by the cops or hit anything/anyone. Cruise Control and stare down the lane lines!
    I'll write a report on the events Sunday morning! Hopefully.
  5. Man, drinking and driving is pretty bad, but I can't really say much because I've driven drunk, on pills, high (easy), and thizz. I decided though, that I am not driving under the influence of anythig but herb. Which I can apparently drive better stoned than sober, ha.

    *killing time before I leave for the Fresno Fair*
  6. be careful man, have fun but be safe!
  7. If I have to drive drunk, it's strictly dirt roads. I plan my routes well. Highway seems like a bad idea.
  8. drinking and driving is fun
    being completely smashed and driving is dumb.
  9. Well, my ignorant ass lives to fight another day.

    Last night was a lot of fun. Nicole wanted jagermeister, something we do not get often because it is so expensive to buy jagermeister and monster. So, we killed a fifth (750ml) of jager in about 20 minutes, then started on the handle of whiskey.. which was a $13 handle of Canadian imported whiskey, kinda nasty but meh.

    Thank you for looking out for me by giving me your humble advice, which I ignorantly reject.

    Although I shouldn't, I do feel the need to let all of you know that I am a computer programmer, as well as an investor/entrepreneur. So, when I'm not getting crazy, my hair is cut, and I work hard.

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