(Early ) Harvesting in 2 days...advice/tips

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    After many newbie fuck ups, im finally chopping my two girls down. (Purple cheese & Original Amnesia)
    They both are at 12 weeks but the trichs are still clear/ cloudy with spurts of amber.
    Ive been flushing with plain water for 2 weeks almost.
    Temps are around 77-84f and RH is a bit high sometimes reaching 50% but I put the dehumy on right away when I notice this.
    I HAVE to take them down due to family coming from out of state. Im pissed but it's all good.
    Anyways, I have no idea where to start.
    Do I take the branches out individually?


    Is there any good /private ways to dry the harvest out? (nosey ass mother in law)
    What can I do with the left over coco/perlite and leaves?
    What kind of high can I expect from this being cut down early?
    Is there anything I should know before doing ths shit?! Im freaking out now and Im running low on time lol
    any help advice tips would be helpful thanks!!!
  2. i’d take each branch off individually put all the branches on whatever and trim everything that aint bud… sugar leaves in one pile.. fan leaves in the other.. then hang them in my tent from pipe cleaners wrapped around the stem.. fan blowing air around the tent not at the buds ..

    let them hang for 4-10 days until they feel dry not squishy then take the buds off the stems then jar them.. burping twice a day everyday for at least 30 days.. i also take them out the jar and roll them around in my hand..

    i hardly see any white pistels so thats a good sign they are pretty much done.. im still a newbie so definitely read around but this technique should do well as ive learned it from others on here.. my first harvest stinked the house up while i was trimming ! yours will too have a good one! im not sure on the other questions..
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  3. Just make sure when you hang them in the tent that you have some mild air flow not cold , (I'd say room temp but some might disagree )and dark ,a quick dry with a decent smoke 8-9 days ,as for 12 weeks I would have thought they would be nearly done anyway ,it might not be proper couch lock puff but milky isn't bad with a few amber ,good smoking

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  4. 75d F and 50% RH if possible too;)
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  5. Just about to harvest my girls In a few days ! Just letting them dry out after flush now ! Amber trichromes are just starting to appear with little to no clear ones left !
    I'm going to hang them in the tent as well and do pretty much exactly what @Oogami says!

    .LED 300 w 4x2x5 WW
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