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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Primo832641, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I'm getting paranoid and might pull my plants soon, if I harvest before they are ready will they still dry alright?
  2. They wont be nearly as potent as if you wait another couple weeks.
  3. Primo, I just read through your '07 Grow thread. Nice stuff.

    What are you paranoid about? Cus I'm also growing my first outdoor grow and was feeling really paranoid reading about the FLIR system and detecting trichomes. I had/have 3 girls, I harvested the most mature one 5 days ago cus I was feeling paranoid too. I got 72G from her dry. ( I had smoked some buds I had to cut off her about 2 weeks ago because of bud rot, and that stuff got me high, So these 72 G should be decent since it had 2 more weeks to flower) I moved the 2 other girls off my property into the woods behind my house. They get much less sunlight(2-3 hours) which I no is not ideal, but atleast their off my property.

    So now whenever I hear a plane fly over my property I don't start sweeting and the minutes to my life go by much faster. I no My buds potency and yeild will be much less but now that they are moved I feel less paranoid.

    Sorry If I rambled but that was the experience I'm having. So If your growing on your property and that is what is causing the paranoia try moving them. If your growing off your property I wouldn't feel as paranoid as long as you keep your head down and visit them real earlier in the morning, So you don't attract attention to yourself.

    If you do pull them now they will dry just fine. I can remember smoking some bud that still had white hairs, so that person had to have harvested early & dried them right...? My 72G just began curing otherwise I'd tell you how potent they are.
  4. thats because if you get busted in the USA your are screwed in jail.

    Canada where I live if your not growing over 10-15 plants and get busted youll end up with a fine if you are employed.

  5. I get paranoid every time I go to sleep. I live by an airport and a hospital, helicopters are a 10 times a day thing. Even the shariff copter flyes over twice a day. If your worried about people taking them, pitch a tent and sleep with them they love the company.:hello: I have my tent ready to go.

    I had to pull Medical rank over my naighbors today they wanted me to harvest early because of the smell. I only have three plants but I can legaly grow 6 or 30 I can't remember and hold 1.5 lbs.

    Happy growing
  6. While this thread is still active I need to ask a question.

    Today some ASSHOLE (I'm looking at you flying spaghetti monster) cut one of my plants right at the base (it was cut right through). So I got her home and hung her up to dry, am I to assume my bud will be less potent because its relativley early in the flowring stage?
  7. Thats pretty funny 6 or 30...That is such a large difference to be forgetful about!

    notbakedenough- generally your plant will be less potent because she probably had a month to grow. Some strains do mature faster though. You could try looking under a microscope for cloudy crystals instead of clear if your concerned. atleast now you can sample the crop early.

    what is the flying spagetti monster BTW?

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