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  1. My grow rooms AC is out and I can’t get temps down low. It’s around 85-90 degrees and humidity is between 40-50. Is it possible to save my plant? Or should I harvest her early?
  2. Here is a few pics

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  3. Yeah doesn't look close enough to ready for me...while I'm sure it would do something, the "best bits" in terms of its potential have yet to occur.
    Someone else can probably weigh in more specifically on timing/measures.

  4. I’m just worried that it will die in the heat. I’m On day 84 from seed. This is an auto flower tangerine dream
  5. I don't really know F degrees...but yeah I imagine someone will come along to help. Hold things going for a bit.
    When you say AC is out, why, and for how long?

  6. I’m sure it’s a Freon leak but I don’t plan on replacing it since it’s my shed AC and I only store things there. The cheapest AC near me is $200 which is way to costly for now. Is 84 days a bit long for an autoflower though?
  7. It looks like they need to keep going for another 8 to 10 days maybe......to my eyes. 85-90 degrees isn't unbearable for the plant, and your humidity is ok too.... I don't think she'll have a problem living it out in there until harvest.....as long as your temps dont go above 92 for much longer than say....and hour or 2...thats about where I would "cap" it for temps.

    84 days can be on the longer side for an auto...but POSITIVELY not rare or out of the ordinary.
  8. Awesome! I appreciate it! I’m guessing I should have started flushing sooner then? Should I just flush her and let her dry out then harvest?
  9. Flushing is something people disagree on.....as in most things growing......but in my opinion you'll be ok if you start flushing her now...until you cut her down.
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  10. <-- been growing for over 40 years and I've never flushed a plant.

    Had to flush an ounce down the shitter when the cops were pounding on the door but that's a little different deal :)

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  11. And my point was just made! LOL.

    I've flushed probably.....50% of my harvested plants......so as you can tell...I'm not a "mandatory flusher" either.
  12. I grew a Tangerine Dream Auto outside and harvested on day 85. It’s not a super long time. It was in the 80’s for the last few weeks. I’d say let it go longer and just watch for heat stress.
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  13. LOL I flower outside in-ground for most of them so it's a little hard to even consider. The rest are in SIPs and again it's not really something I'd consider dumping an ocean of water through.
    SIP = self irrigating planter.
    With organic soil and a ton of earthworms in as well the last thing I'd do is flood it. Drive all my worms out. Kill the smallest that can't get out fast enough. Lots of reasons not to flush.

    Let me look around and see if I can find the "Flushing" Page I saved from Coot. The man was a genius and ripped the whole flushing deal a new one. I don't have the science background to explain it like he did.

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  14. My grow tents temp is around 80 to 90, no issues with plants dying, they drink a little bit more but they do ok.
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