Early harvest @ 12wks. 201 grams wet. Was this grow a bust?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Farii_barbiie, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. -2 five gal plants.
    -Auto seeds Purple cheese and Original Amnesia
    -800w & 350w LED
    Fan fell on them twice creating 3 tops on each plant somehow and made a few beginner mistakes.
    Trichs were still cloudy but I had to chop them cause family was coming from out of state.
    All in all 201 grams NOT including a small hash jar that not pictured here.
    I hung them to dry for 5 days and transferred to the jars.
    I feel semi disappointed. Was this a bust? Can I expect better results without all the beginner mistakes?
    Im thinking about going 3 gallon next grow around. is this smart or are the 5 gallons better? they're a lot of work.

  2. Yea probably don't need five gallon for auto seeds imo.

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  3. Eh. 7oz ain't too bad for a first go around I guess. Going 3 gallon next time and more plants.

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  4. 7ozs from 2 plants I'd be happy thats like £1000-£1300 worth of weed from where I'm from lol if your total cost for growing cost less then that you've done good imo
  5. Wow seriously?! I got all my stuff for free. Didn't pay a penny lol so I did extra good then I guess

    Except the water an electric bill going up a bit lol

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  6. Yeah you're winning then if you only paid for electric and water, yeah bud runs me £180-£200 an oz over here in the uk it can be a little less it depends how much the dealers pay for it, hash I can get for £100 an oz :smoking:
  7. I got like 1.5oz on my outdoor grow so yes

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  8. Not a bust at all. You got tree in the jar Most autos don't like stress. So next time no stress and no family haha jk. Good job.

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