Early Girl and Original Haze

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by barnaby_wylde, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. I'm returning to growing after a break of a few years (got busted) and i'm starting off again with a few early girl seeds i picked up as a dry run to test the lights (250 and 600 hps) and grow room set up. these seeds i'll b starting and rasing in dirt (growbag/pearlite/verm mix) cus i aint finished building my hydro setup yet.
    After the dry run i'll be going back to growing haze.
    Wot i wanna know is whats early girl like to grow, is it easy to clone, how much hight does it put on from start to finish of flowering if i start to flower it at a foot tall and is it a nice smoke???

    thanx ppl
  2. can't say i've grown it myself, but you'll find info from previous growers here.... www.cannagenetics.com ......Peace out.....Sid
  3. Thanx for the link Sid.... B.Lucky.... B.Wylde.
  4. Have'nt grown it myself, but according to the Sensi seeds catalogue Early girl is more of an outdoor plant which grows mainly on one main stem and reaches a height of 150-200cm (about 5-6.5ft ). indoors? anybody's guess. Best of luck with it.
  5. Thanx Jimbo,
    It sounds like its quite a small quick flowerin plant then. should be ok for my dry run.

    any1 know what it's like to smoke? I'm not expecting gr8 things from it but it wud b nice to know if its worth the electric to grow the buggers.
  6. Quoting again from the same source " Very potent, medium yield, with a hashy taste and aroma ". Sounds good to me, let us know how it goes. Like the name by the way.
  7. Sounds good to me to! not bad for 80p a seed lol :)

    Glad you like the name lol, i'm sure i'l be posting as the grow goes on and i'l let every1 know if the smokes ok or not.
  8. I've only heard great things about Early Girl...I've seen this strain crossed with other strains and the pics were magnificent!
  9. Really!!! well becuse this is only a dry run and not a cash crop 4 me i was thinking of putting a plant to seed and doing a bit of guerrilla gardening and seed bombing (am i the only 1 that still does that??) but i spose i could easy save a bit of pollon and do a branch or to of the haze i'm going to do after as it seams that both strains are stable.

    Thanx for the idea, anybody seen early girl X haze seeds 4 sale? cant say i have. I'm just wondering now if theres a good reason for that....
  10. Well what kind of variety is haze? I know EG is mostly Indica but mainly a "one-stem" kind of plant.
  11. Haze is about as far away from EG as u can get. its sativa, grows tall and branchy, takes ages to flower (12weeks!) and the buds are small and fluffy. sounds shit dont it. well that part of it is but tho u dont get a lot of bud the smoke you get is possably the best you will ever have. very strong up high and very very easy to trip out on. i love it :)

    Becuse its such a nice smoke its normaly found crossed with other strains like Northen Lights or Skunk to give it the shorter flowering and a bit more weight. in my rather bigoted eyes NL5xHaze is probably the best hibred of all time, 1st crossed in the early 90s i think it had a lot to do with the explosion of indoor gardening in the uk at least at the time and even today the seeds are still being sold at £90 at 1 seed shop i've just looked at.

    Im a big fan of Haze. can u tell????
  12. just a little.....lol.....Peace out...Sid
  13. I was gonna write a bit more like the history of it and how is was 1st bred in califorina it the 70s blah blah yadda yadda etc then i thought shut up your stoned....
  14. lol.....Peace out......Sid
  15. This may seem like a really daft question sid but wot the hell is that a pic of under ur name??????
  16. LOL....the dark lord Sauron from the lord of the rings.....Peace out....Sid
  17. Now it all makes sense, good books too.........the lord of the rings........
  18. Yeah i,v read the book but in waiting till all 3 films r out then gonna sit down with a gud bag of bud and watch all 3 at once..

    Errmmm btw i think i'v killed my early girl so i doubt i'l b posting any more on this thread unless i learn to raise the dead.

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