Early flowering what should I do?

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  1. Hey everyone this is my first post and I'm so stoked to have everyone on this forum to speak with!

    So this is my second grow doing Outdoors. I originally got seven clones, transplanted them into 100 gallon pots on May 24th. Out of the 7 three of the plant started flowering ( 2 Do Si Do and 1 Chocolate Hashberry )

    What I wanted to know is if I should continue to let them flower or if I should try to get them to revert back to a vegetative stage?. I spoke with my local hydroponics store and my friend told me to cut off the buds and hit it with something high in nitrogen. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated I will upload a couple photos of the three plants. I live in Northern California to give you an idea of what environment I'm growing in.

    The two Do Si Do
    1497997222594329766644.jpg 14979973487201227866000.jpg
    Chocolate Hashberry
    1497996966222796967323.jpg 1497997006921843720419.jpg
  2. Welcome to growing. The problem is your plants are not getting enough sunlight. Putting them outdoors on May 24 is slightly early but only by a week or two. What was your indoor light schedule? I guessing you ran the lights for 18 hrs or longer and the sudden change in light caused them to flower. You have two options at this point. 1 leave them to reveg and eventually begin growing again. 2 pull them and replant new clones. Both options at this point are not great but you have no other choice. Honestly pulling the buds doesn't help reveg the plant but if it makes you feel like it will go ahead. I would feed it nitrogen to help promote vegitive growth. If the plants are in an area that gets shade I would attempt to move them to a spot with as much direct sunlight as possible. If you choose to pull I would try to find the largest clones as possible as the is only a little over a month left of veg time before they start to flower.
    What part of NorCal are you in? I'm in Solano county. If you have any other questions hit me up.
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  3. Looks like you a running DHN clones, their clones are under 24h photoperiod. You have to be careful about when you put them out, I gave mine extra light in the form of a floro bulb until 9pm at night until 2 weeks ago, I am running the same gear as you, mine are still vegging like mad. Also in 100's I'd look for some mother plants and get them outside, the ones you have are a lost cause IMHO
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  4. When I got them they were under 24/0 lighting. So are there any products you recommend that are high in nitrogen? Yeah I'm not happy with the decisions I have to make but it's a leaning experience. I'm in Silicon Valley. Thanks for the advice.

  5. Woah... how did you know they were dark heart nursery clones?!
  6. because those are two of their listed strains, and you are in the bay area, so I put two and two together. I'm running 3 Chocolate Hashberrys and a few of their other strains
  7. I don't know if those are possible to reveg and get any yield, you'd be better off getting some more clones and getting them out soon! I use EarthJuice sea blast after seeing my friends results with it last year.
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  8. if you put new ones out now they wont flower until mid august.

  9. Ohhh, makes perfect sense. What's interesting is that I have a Sour Diesel from DHN and it's doing so well compared to the Chocolate Hashberry.

    Sour Diesel
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  10. U can also hardened your clones off so they won't switch to flowering when u place outside

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  11. Fish emulsion, kelp are two good voices or you can get dry amendment mixes designed for "grow" or "flower". Earth Juice is great stuff or and Dr Earth, fox farm, happy frog brands are killer. Most hydro store willcary their products.

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