Early Flowering Then Switch Back To Veg?

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  1. I have a question. I started a seed with 12/12, it started flowering and has been so for a little longer than three weeks. I have two more plants that I dont want to flower from seed.

    With only one set up I put the lights back to 18/6.

    What effect will it have on the flowering plant? Will it veg or just poorly flower and die? Is there something I should I do to encourage veg growth?

    Thanks for the help :)

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  2. Well as I didnt get any responses I figured I'd try something.

    I like I said have the lights back to the normal veg cycle, 18/6. I let the gal get use to that for a few days. Like preping a patient for surgery.

    Then during the day, a good amount of hours in, I decided to cut off all the buds. I figure this way the majority of the flowering hormones will be removed, im thinking that the removal will stimulate vegetative growth hormones.

    I watered with nitrogen heavy nutes, this hopefully will help recover the plant and encourage vege growth.

    I had started Lsting her, I will tie her back down after recovery from the up coming transplant.

    Here are some pictues


  3. Well if anyone was wondering it seemed to have worked. It is growing leaves and nodes as far as I can tell, when I get some definitive evidence of results ill post the pictures.

    The next pic will be of better quality

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  4. Don't stress it when it flowers it thinks its dying that's why it grows weed. Its sopose to have seeds in bud but if you take away males it grows false male pods that are turned into th c instead of a seed. I'm not sure if worded right but yeah.

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  5. You could try it with one plant but your risking a hermi if your stressing it. I wonder if you found a new way to increase speed .

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    I was a bit worried about it becoming hermie, however, I haven't seen any signs that would indicate that I have. It seems to have worked rather well. You can judge for yourself though. Here are some pictures. 1372545480220.jpg 1372545544574.jpg Im tryin to add one more good pic with an editSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. For some reason I couldnt add the last pic with an edit.

    This picture shows the whole plant. Gives you a really good idea of the effects


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  8. Give it some molases once a week and when u flush do it with molasses.they looking kind of out of nuts.
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    IMO, I don't believe they are looking deficient. 
  10. Hey guys just to let you know, that's just one plant. I'm not sure you guys used "they" because of the multiple pics, buts all of just one same plant.

    Thanks for the replies! Im pretty sure she isn't lacking enough nutes to make any significance at this moment.
  11. When switching a flowering plant back to a vegetative light cycle the plant will reverse and revert back to the veg stage. When the plants mature in fall, or when the lights are reduced for flowering, they will flower normally.

    Ignore the comments about causing hermies, this does not make a plant switch sex, far too much hermie hysteria in these forums. By removing the early formed flowers you will help speed up the reversal.

    This does not speed up any growth rates of the plants and actually takes longer to veg to the desired height required before flowering.


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