early flowering. real early.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by doobiescoo31, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. alright, so i'm working on my indoor grow. i have my germinated seeds planted in a wonderful box full of soil. unfortunately, my indoor growbox i a computer box. and the box full of soil is roughly 6 inches tall. so given enough room for a 70 watt hps light, and a scrog, i have roughly 8-10 more inches to work with, this is giong to be an insanely small grow, which means i'll need to flower early. with proper training, and the works, would it be possible to get a useful yeild out of this?

    this is for my own personal benifit, so i don' have to buy any more weed. and i'm not expecting a gigantic yeild of many many ounces.

    I just want to know if i could send a small, trained plant into flowering early

    i would also add about how long i'd let it grow, but that depends entirely on keeping them from stretching and keeping low and bushy. luckily, these are indica, so they should be short and bushy anyway.

    just for a "visual" lets just say i grew it for 3-4 weeks and trained it well. on the 3rd or 4th week i put it into flowering. this won't kill the plant or anything, right?

    same 2 weeks from sprouting out of the groud....

    any help is greatly welcomed
  2. well, from what ive seen here on the forum its possible to flower them at 1 month, but i wonder if 70 watt is enough to do the flowering? (as in , will they survive when they grow?) well, only 1 way to find out, good luck to you :)
  3. thanks for the responses! I have the inside of grow box covered in aluminum foil, dull side out. that'll be fine right? i already have two compact fluoros in there with about 5300 lumens (2700 and 2600) and i'll be ruinning those unill i can afford th hps.
  4. for my scrog, could i use the screens that are outside the windows of most everybody's house? or should i stick with chickenwire?

    you guys are awesome
  5. Plain white paint is much better then foil. You cant use windwo screen because the plants have to grow throug the screen. But you cant scrog in such a small box you'll have to LST the plant(s) and shoot for as many growth tops as possible so thsy dont grwo into the lightsa s quick.
  6. maybe a stupid question, but that computer box your using is not cardboard is it? That would be extreamly bad!

    Your attempting something I have never done, but based on what I know, I would tell you that if your trying to keep it small and healthy, tie down the plants so that your are almost growing horizonaly and only alow the buds to grow up.

    Early flower: NOT A PROBLEM you can start to finish your plants on 12/12 but I would say use a fan on them from day one to give them strenght. You wont yeild much by doing this, but its your best bet of getting SOME harvest. I grew a White Widow plant under 150w hps 12/12 all the way and still got 3 ounces but that was with the plant being able to reach about 40 cm.
  7. You can flower any plant as soon as it breaks the soil and it will make buds, you will be dissapointed with your yeilds tho, mabye with two small plants about a quad, of not so potent buds, but they will get you high.

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