Early flowering do to high stress event?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Imnew, May 18, 2023.

  1. About a week ago, one of my plants fell off the table. It split the main stem out 3 inches long. I taped it up, and it is now supporting itself. But it looks like it has gone into flower due to the stress. Is this possible? Only my 2nd year growing. If it has gone into flower, will it go back into Veg? 20230518_103940.jpg 20230518_103953.jpg
  2. Autoflower or Photoperiod? How old is she?
  3. Photo. She is 8 weeks old. I got a very early start indoors. Just couldn't wait..lol
  4. Photo. She is 8 weeks old. I got a very early start indoors. Just couldn't wait..lol
  5. I'd guess flowering has nothing to do with the injury, I think it probably got confused about the seasons when you put it outside.
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  6. I couldn't figure out why 3 out of 4 of my outdoor plants started flowering last month. Thought maybe I didn't read the "fine print" and bought auto seeds. Turns out my next door neighbor has an automatic flood light that he uses over his chicken coop, and that light is MORE than enough to send my plants into flowering.
    We've had words about it, but there's not really much I can do.
    Strange though how one plant is still vegging nicely. Probably a fucking male LOL!
    But yeah I mention this to check for shit like that as well. Like Ed said, I don't see a split stem causing a plant to flower.
    Good luck and rock on!!
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  7. They are not outside all day and night. I put them outside at 6 am, bring them in at 8 pm, then give them an hour of light in the grow tent. Lights come on at 5 am. i repeat this every day. None of the other plants have started to flower, and they are on the same cycle. They will be moved outside for good in a week. Thats why i was thinking it was stress.
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  8. They are not out all night. One more week till im able to do that.
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  9. photosensitive plants enter flowering because their daylight schedule (ie light period) is too short. A 12 hour dark schedule is required to keep plants in flower or they will reveg.
    You can grow a plant for 6 hours and give it 2 hours dark (a 6:2 cycle) and this will keep a plant in veg.

    @Imnew I suggest flashing your plants for 1-2 hours in the middle of their dark cycle (while they are inside in the tent) to try to snap them out of it. Plants re-veg all the time.
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  10. Also, there is a recent paper on cannabis and dark cycle times, which I believe 12 hour dark period was optimal.
    FYI: 8 Hours Sleep Please?
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  11. yup she flowers becasue the lighting isnt long enough,, or as long as what you had inside.. ive had some do this they didnt even reveg they continued flowering thought summer... othewise ruined... sorry bad news
  12. Too late for mine as they will be ready in about 3 or 4 weeks, but I will try that next time.
    I still believe his light has everything to do with it because this is the first year he's had it and I've had plants in that same location in my yard every year without this problem. Again, though, not really understanding why one is still vegging nicely. I'm lost on that one lol.
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  13. They are getting the same light as they were in the tent as i move them inside at night. They will not be left outside for good for about another week. Its only the one plant out of the 4. So i dont get it.
  14. What im confused about now is why only one plant not all 4. They all get the same light schedule.
  15. some strains do show early 'pre' flowers as an indication of sex, nothing to do with the fall

    next time smear honey on the wound then tape her up its go antiseptics and hormones

    good lcuk
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  16. Hopefully it will not happen again but thanks for the information. Hopefully its just showing the sex. Still got 2+ months before flower should start
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  17. His occasional light kicking on from motion would have helped keep your plant in Veg not cause them to flower.
    Down at latitude 33 I can only count on June and July as outside veg months and even then only with carefully time matched plants that came from 15-9 lighting or plants started from seed outside.

    Putting them out in May has always caused flowering so I stopped fighting it and just light up my summer set 24-0 until august 1st..

    Flowering takes short lighting hours or a sudden shortening of their "Day"

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  18. That's my experience with starting too early indoors. I've had some flower when I set them out while others didn't, and some of those revegged while others didn't, they just mostly sat there with their little fucked up buds, never doing anything really. Now I don't start them early and I put them out as seedlings. I don't see an advantage by starting them inside early. Focus on providing good soil, water, and a location that has direct sunlight all day and they'll grow huge, even when grown outside from seed.

    I suppose it's possible this plant thought it was dying and tried to make seeds early. Not that plants can think. Not that I can either, come to think about it. Triggered would be a better word. I've never had luck putting plants out for the day and bringing them in at night, I'm just not reliable enough to be consistent.
  19. Thanks, brother. Never thought of that. I've had them out since early March LOL. Man I'll tell ya........just when I think I know a thing or 2 about this.....

    One thing I have to mention is his auto light is on from sun down to sun up, so not sure if that matters.
  20. yup

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