Early Flowering !! 30 seedlings 2-3 months old, in 30 gallons of soil, started July 25th

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  1. What's up guys !! Hey I have 30 plants in 30 gallon pots, in a solid 25'x12'x10' Greenhouse starting to flower as of July 25th.
    I have read everything I could find on the subject but I'm having a hard time deciding what to do.
    So I own about 2400 Watts of NMH and/or HPS we're still close to 14 hours of light, do I put the lighting in and keep these girls awake a few extra hours in the afternoon and maybe an hour early in the morning to get back to 16/8 or do I just let them flower at about 2 to 4 ft tall and finish up a bit early before it's cold ? All of these plants are from locally produced seed, they were germinated and spent the first few months of their life indoor, I adopted them from a hot smelly basement and I've had them outside for a month and they were doing fine up until a few days ago. Any advice is appreciated thanks in advance as this is my first real outdoor medical grow, I've had bigger plants inside before they flowered, so is pretty bummed that I didn't get another couple feet out of them beforehand, as I just finished transplanting into 30 gallon bags.
  2. Interesting situation. How long is your grow season? Without knowing how long each strain flowers for on average I'd think it would be pretty hard to make a perfect decision. Veg longer and risk not finishing soon enough.
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  3. ...or do I just let them flower at about 2 to 4 ft tall

    IMO: I'd let them fall to flower at about 3 feet tall is an average LATE grow

    however the pot size is ridiculous for this time of year

    once you harvest

    start growing again even if its to reuse/use up that soil ..lol

    good luck
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  4. To late in the season to try and reveg IMO. Let them run is my advice. I assume your seeing pre-flower signs or outright good signs of true flower.
    Aug and Sept is 8 weeks and if it's a long flowering Sativa it'll need 10 or 12 and that puts you at the middle to end of Oct.
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    Thanks, yes we hit 12 hours of natural light towards the end of September, I adopted these poorly labeled and numerous strains. I'm sure the photo cycle is out of wack do to their upbringing. Thanks for the advice everyone. Live, Learn, and dominate next year. Think I'll let this trial run, with a late start, do what it's going to do. Could you imagine the light tower !! How to cover and uncover a hybrid, year round, indoor outdoor grow, that's the challenge.
  6. @TreeSlayer
    The actual trigger for cannabis is around 14.5 hours of light. at 14 they flower at 15 they veg.
    Means only June and July are viable outside veg months especially further south like I am in So Calif.
    Our warm winter temps do let me play games all winter long and keep flowering through all the off seaon months with just a few T5s in an old garden shed to get the vegging done.
    An American Dream - White Picket Fences and Marijuana in the So Cal Sun
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  7. S/W CO thanks for correcting my misunderstanding man, as an indoor grower I've always decreased slowly to 12/12 and had good results. I'm re-building my indoor now, try to have a smoother transition next summer and start to narrow down the supremacy to a few good ladies. Thanks again for all the in put, helped me make up my indecisive mind.

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