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  1. hello all! I live in southern Ontario Canada and the June weather was pretty cold (days around 16-18 Celsius and nights as low as 12 Celsius). I put two plants outside for the season to enjoy the sun and the weather must have made one start to flower.. the past week or so the weather has warmed up a lot and the days have gotten longer and I was hoping to see it re veg a little bit but I’m starting to think it is going to stay in flower... should I keep waiting it out or start to apply my bloom boosters? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. How many days does Ontario have left of over 12 hours? 1month? More?
    If so, it will reveg soon. It typically takes a couple weeks before you really see the signs of it. Branches/leaves will start kicking out of the budsites when it does.
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  3. I believe I still have all of July and a week or two in August over 12 hours and this baby is in a very sunny spot. I will just keep with my regular veg schedule feeding then. Thank you!
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  4. Got one flowering to, other 3 are still vegging. We will see what happens. Gl
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  5. September 25th starts 12h of daytime. The days are getting shorter day by day from June 20th (15.5h).

    You can check here.

    Sunrise and sunset times in Toronto

    Photos can start flowering at 14h outdoors. If they sense the daytime is getting shorter i doubt they will reveg.. We will see what happens
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  6. It seems to be packing on a little more flower instead of showing any signs of reveging.... should I hit it with some bloom nutes and go from there?
  7. At this point, might as well.
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