Early flower some buds black?

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  1. Hello, this is my first go at outdoors. Im in the detroit area if it matters.
    They just started flowering and im noticing some black/dark purple leaves/pistils going on. Ive grown both these strains indoors before and never had any color changes. Is it something i should worry a out? 20190817_192632.jpg 20190817_192640.jpg 20190817_192657.jpg
    They are OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies if it matters.
  2. I'm going to take a guess and say it might be the swing in temps from daytime highs to overnight lows.
    I don't see anything to worry about except for pest control. You need to get a handle on that asap. Bug shit guarantees moldy buds.
    I use Spinosad and BT.
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    You need to look up "dark purple disease effecting top growth (thcfarmer)" "Hawaiian black death (icmag)" "issues with new growth turning purple (icmag)". This shit is serious, it's not from weather or deficiency it's a disease new to the cannabis world, im in the midwest and got hit too. So far we believe it's phytoplasma from bugs or mites.
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  4. If you are growing outdoor you be spraying your plants with neem. Bi weekly

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  5. [​IMG]

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  6. Agreed, but maybe even more often. I do neem once per week and BT as needed, usually once every 2 weeks. I had a run in with pests last year so I kicked up my preventative maintenance this year. Caterpillars are pure evil. Something is definitely chewing on your leaves.
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  7. I spray neem oil weekly and still got hit hard.
  8. I only use Einstein oil. It’s a first press neem oil. It’s expensive but works much better than the average dyno-gro neem oil

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  9. Having the same issues with my girls over here on the west side of the state ; it’s only here and there ; I thought it may be something to do with the change of temps from hi to low ; and maybe also a cal mag issue ; maybe I’m wrong ;

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  10. Just going on the over all appearance of the first picture, it looks like it's a healthy, robust plant. If it were my plant, I'd just be of the opinion that, sure, some insects are doing some minimal leaf feeding, but the plant is still healthy and developing on schedule. In a few weeks temperatures will be noticeably dropping, and with it a natural decline in insect populations. But, then, I don't live in Michigan.

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