Early buds trying to reveg Help!!

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    I got a plant outdoors, full 7 hours or more of direct sunlight, It was a clone from the cannabis club, dont know what the light cycle was set on. I had it under a few cfls before the weather got better, Planted it april first. Its grown to about 4 feet and started to bud out in mid may. The bud sites look funky with weird spiral leaves, Its bolting. Seems like it doesnt know what wants to do. I am tossing it inside a dark room for 36 hours and hope to steer it into all out flower mode. WHat should I do? I want it to keep budding out and forget about vegging. Thanks

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  2. To me it seems like its extreme pre-flowers... In all reality unless you move the plant back indoors and adjust the light schedule then it will continue going on the flowering process. If you said its already 4 feet tall then the plant should be mature and pre-flowers happens when the plant is mature. The worst that I can think of that would happen is that if its truly starting the flowering period then you will harvest early... If its up for profit then hey.. your bud will hit the streets faster than your competition!
  3. I was thinking those weird leaves were more of of an indication the plant was trying to go back into veg... The main cola has a few white hairs and spiral leaves on it. I dunno what to do!
  4. i have never made that connection personally with the twisty leaves and such maybe someone can prove me wrong. I have seen some plants do that in this period. I have always said that when these little funky leaves occur it is because the plant is switching over from veg to flower and the plants energy is also making the transformation away from producing bigger plant to making flowers. Those little leaves could have got caught up in the middle of the transformation and never developed fully how they should.

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