early budding?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by phixface, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Hello, just a week and a half ago i put 3 wonder woman into flower....one of the plants are showing buds already but the other 2 are still growing the "hairs" these are fem. is this a fluke or whats happening?

  2. Just be patient.
  3. Could be different phenotypes. Is it from clone or seed?

    And yeah like stated above it will happen. It's a plant not a machine!!!! Jokes but yeah.
  4. its from seed ...Nirvana
  5. Is it wonder woman from nirvana seed bank?
  6. oh im in no hurry just thought it weird.. has never happened before..
  7. No worries. I think you have an early bloomer. Should mark her see I'd she weights the most at the end :)

    Some never see flowers till like 3 weeks.
  8. yup
  9. That is a fun strain. I really like them its funny I am harvesting a blue mystic from them. Anyway she is budding more than the other 2 because she is a faster phenotype. It is nice I like nirvana because they might all say wonder woman, you are going to get three very different looking plants. They all will have the same traits and a lot of the disered effects, they will just grow differently. She is basically a plant in heat craving some pollen. Watch out for her herming out on you though because she wants to be teenage mom
  10. Nice thread I'm experiencing the same thing. All females from dank bagseed but one is budding much faster hoping to get some fire out of my first harvest:passtheshit:

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