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  1. Hello. So I have an outdoor grow of about 12 plants in Northern California. It is a mixture of clones and seeds which I germinated in February and March. Some of my clones have been in the ground for 5-6 weeks (started about a week early), but two of them, the Romulan and Blue Dream are showing fairly large buds already. The buds are about the diameter of a 50centpiece. Most of the other plants are still in veg state or barely showing the first signs of flowers, but these two clones seem to be far into flowering/budding stage. I have fertilized both of them with Maxsea bloom 5-20-20 about a week ago. The buds were so large and I didn't think it would be a good idea to let the plants go back to veg. I'm not a very experienced grower, so any advice on this would help. Should I go purchase a pocket microscope to view the trichromes and just harvest these two when they get cloudy to amber? Any advice will be much appreciated. Have a good day![​IMG]
  2. Autoflower clones?
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  4. I'm not sure since a friend of mine picked up the clones for me. I should have picked them up myself to get more information. I think they might be autoflower....maybe 60-80 days? I'm just gonna keep watching them and when the trichromes turn I'll start to flush them. Probably not ideal....but there's nothing wrong with an early harvest ;)
  5. GreenOwl,

    Did you have your clones indoors under a 24/7 light schedule before you put them outside? That would explain the early flowering response. I doubt they are autoflower clones.

    It's advisable to harden off your clones before putting them outside by reducing the amount off light hours incrementally to the light hours most closely relevant to your location.

    An almanac will give you pretty close to the right light hours for your location. If there are 15-16 hours of daylight when you plant, the plants should be under that amount of light (or close) before transplanting.


  6. Thanks for the solid information, chunk. I learn so much each day I spend with my plants. Next year I'll keep the lighting consistent when transplanting my clones outdoors. People on this site are very patient and helpful. One day I'll be able to share useful advice with others. Thanks again!

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