Early bud sites are brown. Help!

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  1. Hey whats up everybody i have an outdoor grow going and on a few of my plants only on parts of the plant the new budding sites are brown. Does anybody know what it could be. Its not the entire plant only parts of it and its on 3 different plants same strain. I have them in the ground and i have been feeding them once a week. They barely started to kick into flowering. Could it be mold? Im growing them in ground so idl the ph run off.Its about 90-100 during day around 80 at night.. They probably going into their 2nd week of flower. Is it normal? The pic posted was the best image i could get since the sites are so small. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Calcium I think
  3. This is one plant thats giving m the most shit my other ones are doing fine. I have 3 of these strain and they are all doing the same thing. The leave edges are brown and brittle some of plant stems are woody. They are budding at some places growing pistils other nothing just the start of trichs. Idk what it could be. Sulfur? Cal? Zinc? Should i stop using a water filter? Ive always used straight tap and never had no cal/mag issues. The waterfilter is a crbon filter calked garden pure

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  4. Some better pics of thos am. One budding siye is fine the other is not produci mg the pistils or they died instantly. I stopped using my water filter and gave it straight tap. Ive always used straight tap maybe thats why ive never had no cal/mag def. In the past this year i figured why not try it. So i hit them today with some kool bloom tiger bloom and a little bit of cal mag. I completely filled theor water space to the brim and hopefully it kicks it out. The clun i got my clones from said it was cheesecake crosswd with GG4.. Thanks for your input[​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. Ya im thinking we have the same problem i tried figuring it out all last year and couldnt find shit i got so many different anwers and tried a few things with no luck and ive never had any problems growing till last year the shit gets brown and almost looks lime premature buds on it or idk just looks super weird and this year at this same time last year its doing the same shit. Im not sure if its a root problem or a difficincy i just know it sucks i even brought one of the guys that works at our local grow shop and he wasnt sure either so if u figure something out please let me know. I know its forsure nothing to do with the strain cause its happening to a few different strains of mine. But thats all i know.
  6. This is calmag problems I'm telling ya
  7. I just started giving them calmag a few days ago how long does it take for the calmag to kick in thankyou so much for the advise ive never delt with a calmag problem
  8. A week or so , Epsom salts can help be a quick boost to fix deficiencies
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  9. You are fucking awsome
  10. No problem man just like my posts though lol so I can get trophies
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  11. Done deal
  12. How much epson salt should i use per 5 gallons. And how often can i doit?
  13. Have you checked bottom side of leaves for russets? (Sorry to even mention it.)
  14. Hey i think you are right cause i had this same problem last year and i saw what it did threw the whole budding cycle now that i looked up russet mites it is exactly what it looked like. Do u know the best way to get rid of them?
  15. Right now this is my plan...
    I sprayed pyganic with BT 2 night ago. As a knock down spray. It did knock them down. (Last possible chance before flowers really come on.)
    I'm going to spray Dr. Zymes 3 nights in a row beginning tonight.
    I will give the ladies a break for 2 nights and spray green cleaner. Break for a day then spray sugar water and release lady bugs. the sugar water will smother the russets and keep the ladybugs on the plants. I'm gonna actually test this with the worst 4 plants.
    Then every 3-5 days, once they are gone, I will be alternating between grandevo, zymes and green cleaner/BT. And utilizing beneficial Insects and healthy compost teas.
    I will also add regalia or actinovate as preventative against PM due to so much spraying as temps go down and humidity rises.

    Aee you indoor? If so, spray with Bonide sulphur if not in flower.
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  16. After spraying tonight I took a peek at a leaf... Many dead russets and 1 alive...
    I sprayed from the dirt up at max strength... Hoping they handle it ok by morning!
    Went through half a gallon for 52 plants and hit Inbetween the rows and got as many blackberries nearby as I could...
    Gonna be a spendy rescue!
  17. Just wanted to let ya know that After night 2 of dr. Zymes, I did a check and only found 1 live russet on about 20+ leaves I checked.
    Headed out to do my 3rd night of spraying Zymes. Then can take a break for 2 nights.
    Hoping that lady bugs, grandevo and green cLeaner do the trick with minimal negative effects on harvesting good medicine.
    Hoping you are doing ok! Dr. Zymes!!!! Amazing.

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