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Earliest time to hit up dealer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vokal, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. What time do you guys think is generally the earliest to send a text to your dude? I don't really know schedules and what not of the people I hit up, only time I meet them is for bud so I'm not sure what time would be cool with them.
  2. I try to aim for noon but tend to hit my guy up around 10 after wake n bake time because I just wanna ride around town
  3. I usually try to wait till after eleven, but sometimes if I really wanna get stoned I'll call around 9:30-10:00
  4. i had the same question. i don/t want to wake the guy up, but at the same time i feel that it's ok considering the money i give him every time.
  5. Usually I wait till 11.30 at least. I know I wouldn't appreciate it if people were waking me up at 9.30 to deal. In fact I'd be extremely pissed off.
  6. he is a drug dealer,i was unaware of drug dealer etiquette
    i call my connect when i need to,not when i feel the time is right
    its all about the money ,then again my connect is a go getter

  7. I think it depends on the relationship with your dealer. Ive had my buddies call at 3 am and i've done it, but if some random calls me at 3 am i'd be pissed. Think the earliest time depends on the dealer, and your relationship with him, if your just some random that he deals too, i'd say noon.
  8. if you have a chance to pick up before you run out of weed do it ahead of time..other than that i think 10 am is reasonable
  9. If you think it's too early, chances are it may be. :D

    Usually if i have doubts about something my insticts are right.
  10. #10 NoXhit, Jun 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 9, 2009
    7.15AM once!! But that was picking up an ounce and it was pre-arranged the night before. Can say hotboxing a car with 3 fat spliffs before going about my day was rather fun:smoking:

    But that luverly fella has dissapeared off the radar :mad:
  11. i usually wait until 10-10:30 if he doesnt answer then then i wait 2 hours then he answers most of the time
  12. Depends on how well you know them. The guy I get my headies from is a close friend of mine whom I graduated with, and I know his ass sleeps til atleast 11.
  13. Depends how close you are with him I would wait till at least 11 and start out with a text to see if he is awake.
  14. 11 or 12, no doubt. dealers often have to stay up late to finish up business. they also need some good downtime.
  15. I'd say noon at the earliest, unless you know the guy or your one of his "favorite customers".
  16. noon is propper etiquette
  17. noon is the earliest i even get a response from any of my dudes but its been mentioned... "if you can pick up before you run out... DO IT!":smoking:
  18. Ask them.

    I wake up around 11:30AM and go to bed at 2:00AM

    People who contact me early or too late get ignored till I wake up.
  19. From personal experience, I know it is a no brainer to phone my dealer before 11am. If I do, he either doesn't pick up or tells me he'll be there in a few minutes and then takes ages and I have to waste credit making sure he is actually coming :rolleyes: Best time to pick up for me is early evening as gone 9pm he is too baked to do shit :D
  20. I wouldn't get a response before 1pm. My main girl doesn't get up until about noon, so I usually give it an hour before I call her. I wouldn't appreciate phone calls right when I wake up. I want time to have a cigarette, or take a shower, or whatever before I have people calling.

    Plus, why the fuck would you ever need bud before 1pm anyways? If you want to wake and bake, make sure you have that shit ahead of time. It's much better to call too late than too early.

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