Earliest Joint

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Wot time do you have your first joint?

  1. Good Morning Joint (6-9)

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  2. Tea Time Joint (9-12)

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  3. Lunch Time Joint (12-2)

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  4. After-noon Tea Joint (2-5)

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  5. Got Back from work/school joint (5-7)

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  6. Pre-Dinner Joint (7-10)

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  7. Good Night Joint (10 - X)

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  1. Hey ya'll

    I was wondering what time people generally spark up their first joint...

    I remember once i had one at 11am. and for me that was so werid, felt like the whole day was shot,...but then again, smoked out the whole fucking day as well....

    would be nice to see what time other fellow people smoke...

    i am predicting there to be a weird ass distribution curve, as i doubt many people spark their first joint between 1pm to 4pm... would be phat to see though

  2. I had to go with the pre dinner joint. Something about getting blazed to hell and then chowing down after awhile. "Ah yes, all is right with the world." LOL
  3. i have my joints at night before i go out and do something
  4. Both times I've smoked just after getting up it's made me feel ill for the rest of the day. I think my body needs to wake up before accepting the herb into open arms.

    Has to be a sort of midday joint... around 11 or 12.
  5. err........ no.
  6. true dat d9 thc


    and not on this page

  7. jebus fucking cripes

    how many of you assholes are there?

    everywhere i look i see another fuckup trying to get us all in trubble..

    go out into the world

    be brave

    and find it on your own....

    this place is for conversation and shit ...we are not a drug store
  8. oh yeah ....the reason i came to this thread...

    i always toke in the am the earlyer the better....

    i dont like to face the world without a theriputic level of thc in my system...

  9. LMAO!! Dirty D, I'm gonna have to start using this quote!!
  10. definitaly late at night so i can do shit. i dont smoke joints that much anyway.

  11. no problem man .....i use it all the time....

    to much interaction with the shrinks.......

    they were always trying to tell me i needed a "theripudic level of there"safe""drugs"in my system.....

    but the only thing that works for me .....is thc!
  12. WAKE & BAKE!!!

    It's my morning coffee!

    And shouldn't there be a choice for " All of the Above" ?
  13. I just want to know how 7-10 qualifies as a pre-dinner joint, who the hell eats dinner at 10?
  14. Definitely right before bed... going for a nice walk at about 10:30 and lightin up a j. Then catch Conan and go to bed... nice...
  15. Am I the only person that smokes at 4:20 anymore?
  16. Yeah, Why isn't there an all of the above option. I had to vote 7 goddamned times!!!!!!!!!
  17. ...just kidding :)
  18. Got back from work is my favourite. And some of the time, that falls upon excactly 4:20. Oh the joy!
  19. ...both AM and PM btw.

    my mind is working a bit slow today... therefore all the small posts. It takes a while to formulate a decent thought, soo...

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