Earliest I Can Transplant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by shug_knight, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Is there a negative effect if I were to transplant early? Right now i have her in a 6" clay pot, but her roots are growing out of the drainage holes. I'd like to transplant her into something bigger, but she's only 7 days old. Is it too early? :smoke:
  2. cut out the bottom of the container and transplant the entire package into a bigger one. IMO thats prob the best way since your baby is so young.
  3. Uhh. Don't do that. If you see a few root tips in each of the holes you are fine to transplant. If you only see 1 or 2 root tips wait a little longer. She will be fine for a while so don't get in a rush. Once you see 4,5,6 etc root tips in each drain hole the root mass should be developed enough to all hold together. Then you can transplant. Remember when the tips just barely reach the holes, you still have quite a while before the plant is actually root bound.
  4. Is the plant sitting in a saucer with water in it? That can cause what you are describing.

    7 days old in a 6" clay? You are a long ways from needing to transplant. Just let her go a bit. No nutes for a couple of weeks either.

  5. Well my clay pot only has 1 fairly big drainage hole in it. There's 1 really long one and I can see about 2 more about to come through. I don't really care about the pot, so if need be, I can completely break it so I'm not shocking the plant.

    And I have some moisture on the bowl coming from the drainage holes.

  6. That's what's attracting the roots. Remove it after watering/drain, or dump all the water out of it.

    Wait on the transplant. You'll just shock it transplanting this young

    Patience is your friend growing mj. Get in a rush and you will do damage.


  7. Yup. If you don't keep the saucer dry the roots will bust out of that. I didn't drain one of my saucers once, and in a few days I had 3-4 inches of roots totally out of the drain holes into the saucer. So I tucked them back in and dried everything off and didn't have that problem again.

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