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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Racinghondas98, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Ok i was just wondering when the earliest flowering I can do. I put my germed seeds in the ground last sunday. I wanna know when the soonest i can start, I plan on flowering the earliest i can so I can see what plants are females I plan on sticking them back into veg when I find all the females, so when is soonest time i can start, my plants are exactly one week old, I dont want to waste time with males.
  2. you can 12/12 from seed, itll generally show sex in 3 weeks, then you can put back onto veg lighting.
  3. veg for 2 weeks force flower and sex them, turn lights back too veg or keep going with flowering.
  4. Ok well I am in az right now, and sun is out 14/10 i read that it will start to flower under 14/10 so can i just stick them out side and have them flower cuz I actully have 15 1 week old plants under lights and I am gonna need to get more lights but it will be easier just to put them outside its nothing special just bagseed I am hoping to get atleast 5 females or is that aiming to high.
  5. guess you could flower the whole lot outside, keep your fave females in doors and leave the other females outside.
  6. I might just do that cuz I know if this bagseed was grown right it would be sum dank

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