Earl sweatshirt is free!!!

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    That's right, about time for that crazy ass fool to come back

    Odd Future
  2. I know I wonder if the rest of his body caught up to his lips yet!
  3. It would be pretty funny if he stops rapping
  4. Isn't there a thread for all this Odd Future garbage?
  5. free? :rolleyes:

    he was never not free, dude got sent to one of the greatest most effective and expensive schools to change himself since his mom wanted him too, he even wanted to go i hear, but you guys act like he was in jail, he probably had a great time and learned a lot about himself and life that he'll use that most people don't get to be taught
  6. EARL is not back

    It's obviously a joke

    Tyler is a troll
    remember Young *****?

    and look at Tylers twitter

    It couldn't be more obvious that he's kidding
  7. Yeah, I'm not sure if I believe this. Didn't they say in the Complex Magazine investigation that we wont be out until he's 18? He just turned 16 this year...
  8. Damn he is one of the few I actually kinda like in OF. He's got mad potential
  9. The fuck

    I was expecting a free sweatshirt

  10. no.... he's turning 18 in february
  11. ..... what is this thread about?
  12. What is life about
  13. Free sweatshirts!


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  14. fuck, I seriously thought we could get a free sweatshirt in this thread.

  15. 1st Free sweatshirt joke - Funny
    2nd Free Sweatshirt joke - Funny because he included a picture
    3rd Free sweatshirt joke: [​IMG]
  16. Yea bro Tyler was just joking

  17. I wasn't joking what's your problem?
  18. I think Earl is free. Joking about Earl being home doesn't seem like something tyler would joke around about. He did troll about the "Earl Vol 2" thing though. I honestly doubt Thebe will rap the same as he previously did. If he doesn't it's cool with me, I personally liked "Sly" better anyways.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnJ6whz7fp0]Fuck Your Compression - Earl Sweatshirt (Sly Tendencies) - YouTube[/ame]
  19. That dude has been free. His momma just sent him to some reform school or some shit. All a joke.

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