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  1. One of my best buds, just off to college, showed me some of the most amazing times in my life so far, my best friend's older bro, but really, he's like a brother to me aswell. One of the craziest things he showed me was the eargasm. Basically, on his amp he could configure the flanger during crazy songs like ones by shpongle (trance) sweet emotion by aerosmith, 311, etc. It's like a jet goes by and the perpendicular lines of sound cross, its so crazy...

    Basically the point of this is to say i figured out how to do it on winamp (amazing media player) with a plugin. Here it is: DeFX v0 97 - Customize Winamp Media Player


    That's how the settings should be. The better your speakers the better it will sound, and louder is obviously better, try it out!

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