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  1. Assignment for school got an extension on its due date.

    Gave me an extension you could say.. Fuck yea.
  2. This is not a cool story bro.
  3. This story is about as interesting as a oval shaped rock...

    ....and no, you're not looking at this rock on acid so it's pretty god damn boring.

  4. i fuckin love rocks.
  5. I have a pet rock.
  6. I say we change this thread to the official pet rock thread. :hello:

  7. This thread rocks.
  8. The family;


  9. wow i finally figured it out...

  10. did someone say...rock?
  11. Nice thread hijack, and perhaps I should see about getting a pet rock.

  12. First you say rocks are boring and now you want a thread devoted to rocks. Make up your mind, woman.
  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDwODbl3muE]YouTube - Howard Dean[/ame]
  14. penis rocks.... for the win!!!!

  15. First of all, there's a big difference between a normal rock, and an awesome-super-pet-rock.

    Secondly, what would you rather see? A story about how the OP got an extension on the essay hes gonna fail anyway, or some decked out feldspar with a knack for solving mysteries?

    I thought so...
  16. What on earth is "Eahhhhhhhh"? :confused:
  17. Don't ask questions you dont want the answer to. [​IMG]

  18. i guess you havent had sex in a while? :hide:

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