eagle clawing after transplant

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    some of my plants doing this. i guess shock from new soil or the transplant nutes (technaflora root 66 and sugardaddy) . should i reduce light (32W 6.5K fluoros 24hrs) and/or flush or something else or just not worry about it? details please. 

  2. That's usually a sign of too much Nitrogen or too much water.

    Had to go look up those bottled nutes (don't see much of that sounds here) and I would guess the Root 66 to be the culprit.

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  3. I should add that they were somewhat root bound.
  4. It's happened to most soil growers I'm sure. I suggest cutting back on water a bit and don't use any nuts for awhile. Also trim the stem back to the stalk.
  5. Thats good to know. I have been conservative of water and no nutes since. Not sure what you mean by trimming stem. At any rate its not getting any worse, the plants are growing and looking good otherwise.  Only one of my two strains affected. and of those about a third have it markedly, a third have it some, and a third dont have it.
  6. Well basically the stalk runs vertical and the stems or branches proliferate off of it. I'd trim those curled up branches off back to the stalk.

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