Eagle Claw? Rams Horn? I'm not sure whats going on.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Groregon, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. 600 Watt HPS
    Week 3 of flower
    Just watered today with 20ml of Dyna-gro bloom, 15ml of Cal/mag +, 10ml of hydroguard, 6ml of ph up. PH'd to 6.5.
    In 3 gallon smart pots with 33%perlite 66%FFOF
    It's been cooler. 65high, 58 low. 65-55% humidity.
    2 bag seed on the left, 2 Paradise seeds wappa on the right. (bag seed is the issue)
    I didn't notice if problem occurred before or after watering. Rookie mistake for not checking.
    Leaves curling downward like a taco on 2 bag seed plants. 1 plant is way worse than the other.

    Any ideas?


  2. Too much nitrogen. Some of the bad ones look extremely dark green. Definite sign of too much nitrogen.

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  3. Just back off on the nutes. If your pH has been consistently correct, that should take care of it. Just let it dry out real good and only give plain pH'd water for 2 or 3 waterings. You might consider buying a ppm tester stick. They're pretty cheap. I think I gave about $12.99 for mine, and it tells you how strong or weak your nute solution is before giving it to your plants. It sure helped me to avoid stuff like this. If you keep it within the proper range, your plants don't get overloaded or deficient in nutrients. TWW
  4. Thanks for responding! I just watered yesterday so do you think it will be ok in the 4-5 days until it needs more water? Or would I be better off giving some plain ph'd water today to get some of the nutes I gave it yesterday out? I just feel like 4-5 days is a long time to wait while it looks like that...

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