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  1. Hi,
    I am a relatively new grower and am having a little bit of trouble with a few plants around the garden.
    The most troubling plant I have is the Sour Grape. Some of the leaves have begun eagle clawing on them. I thought it may be a pH issue but our pH has been from 6-6.6 through the first 3 weeks of veg. I'm using heavy 16 nutrients with rhizotonic and a few other addatives. The ppms in the last watering were 950. At the beginning some of the sour grapes showed signs of this and I seemed to get rid of the problem, but now it seems to be returning in spots. I attached two pictures, one of a bad leaf and a good one of the same strain. Would be open to any advice. Thank you.


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  2. What are you temps?  Looks like minor heat stress to me but I am no expert.  What lights, temps, fans?  Perhaps a flush would be in order too if you are going hard on the nutes.  Still looking pretty though
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    Thanks for the reply. I am running a 1000 watt light. The temps are 82-84 in the last 24 hours. I have 3 oscelating fans on the group. And I have a CO2 running at 950 ppms. I was thinking about going with a flush so looks like I will go ahead with that. All of the plants with the curled or clawed leaves are a bit shinier than a healthy leaf if that helps with anything. Thank you.
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    How much N are you feeding?

    Leaves will turn a darker green, become shiny (like green metallic), and begin to claw if your feeding too much Nitrogen.
  5. Should I flush this ?

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  6. no just water plain ass water for the next couple times.
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  7. That's all I have been doing. I was about to start flowering so fed no nutrients yet. First it showed signs of over water, then heat stress. I ph'd the soil ..... It's 7.4. After further research I am seeing root rot fits most of the plants symptoms. I was thinking a ph 6.2 flush and treatment of aqua shield and rhizotonic ? A few waterings later reintroduce nutes ? The plant has diminished badly over last day or so this is it now ....

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