EA to charge 80 per game on next gen systems?

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CGOBIySszk
    Just saw this video, it is by NO MEANS CONFIRMED by EA, but at the moment is entirely plausible.
    Would you be able to pay $80 per EA game released that you want to buy?  I dont think I could do it.... They are already charging 30 dollars extra for 2 DLC packs for BF4 on day 1 of launch... EA is a money hungry, epitome of scumbag company. 
    Creator of the video raises a good point, if this happens, is it time for the video game industry to have a fiscal crash?  
    Seriously though what kind of crack do you gotta be smoking @ EA to think charging all this extra for al this shit is a good idea. Do they not have Consumer Quality Assurance Reps? Does it even matter at this point? Or is everyone just going to buy EA games anyways because "fuck it all my other friends have it."  At some point this shit needs to stop.  I would love to see a video game industry without EA in it.

  2. If thats true, ima get outta the gaming world
    Save money, time, and i could use those wasted hours on something productive
  3. Those games are already on preorder for $60. I doubt it.
  4. It isn't true. EA wouldn't do it. They're too busy trying to restore their PR in the US. Microsoft and Sony have both said new games will be $60 in the US, so if EA set a higher price they would quickly be left behind by other publishers.
  5. I very very rarely buy a game these days at 60$.  Any higher would keep me away from consoles
    80$ for games with very little single player replay value and horrible copy and pasted multiplayer from years before ( call of duty ) 
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    They have stated they ARE going to raise the prices of their games in the UK. do you think they would only do that for the UK? i dont think so
    another excerpt from GAME
    So Its already set for a Â£55 release in UK, and thats if they dont decide to raise it more before next gens release 
  7. lol more people will just pirate
  8. You can't take pricing from one country and expect it to apply to another with this stuff. It doesn't make much sense a lot of times, but it just works out differently place to place. Games in the UK already have wild and shitty pricing, and EA would be able to get away with this easier there than in the US. The UK market is also less important than the US market to EA, so they will focus more on competitive pricing in the US.

    Anything above $60 is not competitive pricing
  9. This is one of the reasons why people actually pirate... :hide:
  10. While I hope that is true, I would be pissed to be a brit because of this
  11. $80 bucks is way to much for a game I don't care how good it is.
  12. Why would anyone pay that much for a game released every year? Even $60 is too much. The only games that should even cost that much are games that probably took years to develope and the players get years out of it. Games like elder scrolls and gta. Id gladly pay 60 for those games new. I think most games should be around 40-45.
  13. lol, not going to happen. 
  14. I'm probably going to skip this generation. 
    I find the prices already too high for most games. Honestly, cannot afford to keep gaming. 
    I agree with the poster above me, 40-45 is a somewhat reasonable price for games. I'd dish that out on a non-regular basis.
    I'd probably have 100+ games if they were all $20-$40 each.  
    The only game I paid out the ass for and found it worth its money was Skyrim. 
  15. oh well, i dont plan on buying next gen anyhow. at first i was thinking of getting a ps4 but then i realized they have cameras and mics built in so you're essentially putting a tele-screen(read Orwell's 1984) in your house.
    AFAIK ps4 does not require users to buy a console with a PS Eye.
  17. Fuck EA basically. At this point all I buy from them in FIFA and if Pro Evo is as good as it looks and sounds maybe not even that soon. Just sucks that they bought BioWare so I will eventually give them £ for Mass Effect and maybe even Jade Empire 2 one day. Fuck them though,
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    I'm not too familiar with the inflation in the UK. Is the price of everything else going up? If other businesses aren't raising prices, I doubt EA would do this. Game prices for AAA titles are pretty uniform. You would see this rumor coming from a lot of other publishers if it were true.
  19. Lol fuck that, all of EAs games are terrible.

    I'll stick to waiting until games go on sale on Steam and get them 60% off.

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  20. like others have said, sony, and microsoft have already announced that games will be same price new, as the last generation, so i see it highly unlikely they would price them at that much, despite them being total money whores. i think right now they are trying to improve the publics perception of them right now, cause they have already been announced as the worst game company, i think something like 3 years in a row...so them raising the prices on there games would not help that at all.
    honestly $60 games are too much....that last time i bought a new game was when halo 4 came out, and even then i had to trade in a bunch of stuff to get it.
    there are only certain games that work $60 honestly

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